About me

The higher the heals the closer to heaven you are.

The higher the heals the closer to heaven you are.

I’m that girl that isn’t ashamed to be who she wants to be but am sometimes embarrassed by the things that I do, not because I am ashamed to be me but because it sometimes puts other in an awkward situation and some don’t know how to react. I’m a bit like Carrie from Sex in the city but I could only dream of owning as many shoes as she has and I am not one to go around and sleep with as many men as she has. I am more the kind of girl that has the occasional make-out session that turns into a funny sorry and a bad date. I’m the girl who gets herself into these awkward bad dates because I go out of my way to make something happen. Here’s where you might compare my to Jess from new girl. Not only did I live with two guys when I first broke up with my boyfriend of five year (which also happened to Jess) but they also did or threatened to do incredibly stupid things. For example, I came home one day to a freshly sharpened ax whose new home was our coffee table so that we could be prepared for the Zombie apocalypse. My roomies also threated to sit naked on the stairs to “test” any guy I decided to date, thank goodness this never actually happened. They also hid a stuffed octopus in my room just to see how long it would take me to find it, which surprisingly lived in my sock droor for a couple of weeks.


This is actually my second blog with the same theme. Your are probably asking yourself what happened to the original or why I am making another one.  Well the original blog was created as a coping mechanism when I was dealing with all the drama from my ex boyfriend, we named him Dumb Dumb in the original blog and this is continue to be his name. It turned into me blogging about guys I had crushes on, had encounters with, or just had a funny story to tell. As it became more popular amongst my friends I was scared that the guys I was blogging about would read it and having my name right at the top was probably not my smartest decision. I then pulled it from the web and kept writing everything in a good old fashion word document. Then the worst thing that could possibly happen to a writer, well happened, I lost all 23 pages of my stories. Poof. Gone. My computer crashed and every encounter, crush, and blog entry gone. This was probably a good thing considering I started dating one of the guys I was blogging about. BUT now I’m single again and still awkward, which means I have many more stories to tell. Here is a place to read about all my encounters, crushes, and disastrous dates. Some will be attempts to retell the original story and some are told for the first time here.

Make sure you check out my Story from the Beginning… this is the story all about my ex Dumb Dumb and has kind of shaped the sarcasm behind all my stories. There are many good things that come out of terrible relationships though, my love for writing is just one of them.


I would appreciate if you would not judge me by my grammatical spelling errors but by the content of my stories. Because I have a dream that one day I could possibly be a good writer and I have accepted the fact that I will never be a good speller. I have a dream that one day enough people read my blog to have people actually want to point out my errors. I also have a dream that one day men and women become more honest and there is no such thing as a cheater. People will just be single if they are unsure about a specific person. I have a dream that one day I will meet the man of my dreams and he will be nothing like the crazy men the I blog about.  I may spend my life dreaming but it’s better to be hopeful then cynical.


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