Country Music did not teach this Cowboy…

Oh my cowboy. He is buff, hot, has great facial hair, and looks oh so sexy in a cow boy hat. You probably are thinking that I am talking about Tim McGraw and yes I love him as well but this is about this guy that for about two months I named “my cowboy.”

Lately I have been saying that I am going to marry a cowboy. Partly because there is something really sexy about a buy who can pull off a cowboy hat and partly because my new found love for country music has made me appreciate a simple man. Someone who isn’t trying to work on wall street, doesn’t care if I’m wearing makeup, someone who writes loves songs, and loves spending time with his family.  At least this is what country music tells me, I’m probably way off base and fantasizing about this country man that doesn’t actually exist.

Anyways… the cowboy’s family did the catering at a fundraising event I worked at. The event had a country theme and you bet I spotted my cowboy from a distance looking all cute in his country boy boots and get up. Did I have a chance to talk to him at the event? No, I was to busy running around making sure everything went according to plan. Did I want to? Of course! Would I have if given the opportunity? Put a few glasses of wine in my and of course I would have! Feeling sad and slightly under accomplished when going home that night I couldn’t get this cowboy out of my head.

In about a week or so I ran into him. Not knowing what to say or do I nervously told one of my guy friends that I had a mad crush on this guy and I really wanted to go talk to him. He rudely responded with a “oh that guy is ugly you can do much better don’t talk to him.” Jealous much? Shatter my dreams why don’t ya! I shouldn’t have listened to my friend, but I did. Thinking I missed my one opportunity to talk to the man of my dreams, I went home that night sad and depressed.

A few days later I started making the news letter for our event and what did I find? A great picture of him looking all sexy in his cowboy hat, leaning against his big wagon they had on display. Did I add this picture to my newsletter you ask? I sure did. Then I started giving my intern a list of things to do, one being lets get pictures from the event on our instagram and I concluded with saying make sure you get the cute cowboy on there too. I did not expect the response that she said next.

“Oh, I know that guy.”

I couldn’t believe it! This was not a lost opportunity! “Is he single? Could you introduce me?”

My intern said she would of course introduce me to the cowboy! I was so excited I couldn’t believe it, I was soon going to meet the man of my dreams and we could get married on a farm and live happily ever after.

Now before you get to excited for me, I know your just waiting for this love story to have it’s happy ending. What my intern said next you will never believe. “There is something you should probably know though, he cheated on his girlfriend.” Men! What is wrong with them these days. There is no way I will ever date a cheater. “That’s not all though, he then dated the girl he cheated on her with for like a year.” My intern explained. Well that’s a little strange but not unheard of I was thinking to myself.  My intern continued to explain, “ And…. Well… the girl that he cheated on then turned around and started dating the girl he cheated with’s boyfriend.” WHAT! That’s so weird! They literally swapped boyfriends, or swapped girlfriends. How ever you want to explain that it is just weird!


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