Photo copy your face… great way to hit on a guy

e203190776388ebf747f76a38869844bMany of my friends have been getting married lately and there has been a lot of reminiscing about how they met, their first kiss, their first date, and all the other firsts that come along building up to marriage. This really got me thinking how or when I would meet my husband. Would I meet him at the country bar, or the gym, or would I have some crazy hilarious story to tell everyone at my wedding of how we met. Somehow this gave me the courage to start doing some… well… slightly brave and funny things. Thinking to myself this will either be a great story of how I awkwardly hit on a guy or it could blossom into a beautiful relationship and possibly an awesome marriage.

SO… I recently competed in this race called the Great Urban Race, it is very similar to the Amazing Race but more like in a 5 mile radius in the middle of a city. Part of this race you have to do some pretty out there and funny things, like put frosting on your partners nose and fling sprinkles off a spoon until a pink one is stuck to their face, or photocopy your face and bring it with you to the finish line.

Finding someone in the middle of the city that will let you photocopy your face is a little more difficult then it sounds. First we tried an office like building and they said no. Then we tried a little boutique and they said they didn’t have one. It is very possible they were just lying to get out of our strange request. Then we tried Chase bank. The man at the counter was hesitant and was like “Umm I’m not sure if I am aloud to let you do that.”

Then my dream man walked out. He was like 6’5”, had broad shoulders, dark brown hair, big white smile, blues eyes, and looked very handsome in his tailored suit. “Sure you guys can use the copy machine!” he said as he took us to the back of the office and stood their as I smashed my face in the copy machine. A rather attractive version of myself printed out and we were on our way to finish the race.

This is when I got a brilliant idea! After the race was over we went back to the bank but it was closed…. so I wrote my number on my photo copied face and gave it to my friend who lived in the city. I made her swear to bring it back the next day, so she did. She brought the black and white smashed version of my face back to my banker with a note on the back that said “Thanks for helping us in our race, call me sometime.” I mean how funny would it be if at my wedding we were telling all our guests how we met, or better yet frame for display my photo copied face. Apparently he wasn’t interested in a girl who runs around a city and photocopies her face for entertainment. He never called… better luck next time…


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