a55fd8576b2ea62d65e39b7c5e325720So I was out at the bars the other night with a bunch of my girlfriends. The great thing about these girls is that are incredibly good at getting free drinks from guys but the bad thing about these girls is the guys that end up buying us drinks are could you say not really what we are looking for. So there they go flirting with the old man, the hairy man, and the shorty with the lip ring. I’m standing there awkwardly as they bat their little eyelashes and drink after drink is poured.

That’s when I noticed this cute guy in the distance and we definitely had that eye contact that suggested that we could definitely be more then friends, too bad I was stuck with the fuglies.

Then the uglies started dragging us out to the dance floor. Nope. Can’t do it. I will buy my own drinks. I did not want to dance with them. They were starting to creep me out but they continued to grab my arm and start to pull me in the direction of the dance floor.

This is when I had one of those courageous split second thinking kind of moments. I did some kind of spin twist and turn move to get the ugly off my arm and spun into the arms of the cute guy. I now had my hand gently wrapped around his bicep and just looked up at him and said “hi”. I then proceeded to tell him that I didn’t want to go dance with those guys over there and that his arm was a much better option.

WHERE DID THAT COME FROM. Wow I sounded like I knew what I was doing. We got to talking and he was a smart and charming and an extremely attractive guy. Before I knew it he was dragging me out to the dance floor and my dream just came true, this cutie was a good dancer too!! After a few songs we ended up going out side and talking more and by the end of the night he asked for my number and I was on my way.

This boy was adorable. He would text me all day, asking all about how it was, what I did, and saying really sweet things. This continued for about two weeks. The first weekend after meeting I had to leave town for work and it was a huge bummer because I really wanted to hang out with Mr. Cutie.

The next week he ended up flying back to California for his mom’s birthday. How adorable is that? Our schedules were just not lining up. Still texting every day I thought that this guy was totally into me, we have got to see each other sometime!

Finally we decided to go to happy hour with a couple of my friends. I picked him up because he was on the way. We hung out for a little bit and then he said he had to meet up with his friend for his birthday but that he would text me later when he went out to the bars.

Hours went by and he texted me and said “I had too many jello shots.” HAHA well I guess that was a man’s version of saying I’m sorry.  I texted him back after that saying something like oh bummer hope your having fun! Then nothing. No more texts. We texted for like three weeks straight. We were basically dating. Ok, I’m being a little over dramatic but I at least thought there was something there. Why do guys do that? Just stop. Can’t we be friends? Ok you didn’t like me, maybe you have cute friends? I guess the texter is just another for the books and we will continue to have no idea what goes through the male brain.


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