The Bunny Boiler

You know that bat shit crazy stuff that happens after a break up? The stuff that you usually regret but at the time sounds like a good idea? Well what sparked this blog post was this youtube video that just went viral. This French girl’s boyfriend cheats on her and the stuff she does is pretty funny and a little insane.

Most girls have done SOMETHING after a break up that they usually regret later. I would say there are two ways a girl acts after a break up, one being the super emotional girl who longs to get him back and calls him way to many times wondering if there is just something that she isn’t understanding or talking about him constantly because her emotional state is trying to figure out what went wrong. And then there is the girl who is so angry she does super rash things, you know the super dumb angry things that could really get you into trouble if taken too far. Well and there is the normal girls who don’t fit into either of those categories but we aren’t talking about them right now.

I was curious if there was some kind of word for either of these emotional states so I starting browsing urban dictionary so see what I could find.  There were some obvious slang such as Tracked term used to describe your ex’s emotional state after you break up with them. Or you could pull a Taylor Swift and go crazy after a break up. Then I found two more rather unique words. Taunting the Octopus is when you exploit your ex’s emotional weakness in an effort to extract a desired emotional outburst.  Or you could be the one seeking revenge and be the Bunny Boiler. I guess you could say that I hit my bunny boiling point and so have some of my friends.

When I found out that Dumb Dumb had cheated on me I not only told his mother that he cheated on me, I threaten to tell his grandmother. He was extremely close with her and somehow this treat seemed like a great form of revenge. At this moment in time it really sounds a bit strange and rather low on the revenge spectrum. Then I changed his face book password so he couldn’t get on it and then changed his email password so that he couldn’t get into his Facebook, seemed like a cruel and harsh thing to do at the time…. But really lets think about that for a second. That merely just a bit inconvenient… not really something that could be considered a brilliant revenge tactic. Well then there was that time I decided to burn all his clothes that he left at my house… that might have been a little bit better of a way to get back at him. (Why did I do all of this to Dumb Dumb, read “My Story from the Beginning” and find out the whole story and why I have decided to seeks a little bit of revenge)

But what I had done wasn’t near as bad as what some of my friends have decided to do.  I have this friend and we shall call her Penny. Her boyfriend at the time decided to break up with her because they were both living in two different places which is completely understandable but breaking up with her through an email is not…and the fact that she ended up moving to the same city as him… and coincidently right down the street made his reasoning a bit questionable and Penny well a bit angry.

Penny had to now drive by his house almost every day. Some days were better then other and some days consisted of honking her horn and yelling profanities out the window. Sometimes when she passed by his house it was also on foot or by roller blades with similar profanities yelled in the direction of her ex’s house.

On another occasion Penny had a party at her house and well disappeared part way through and thankfully wondered back in the morning. Upon her return she announced that she had walked to her ex’s house and puked in his bed.

We later found out that even though he never acknowledged her during the drive-bys, he definitely heard every single one of them and even cleaned up all her puked when she puked in his bed. You see these two love birds really did love each other and all her crazy paid off in the end. And I might have referenced these stories a bit in my made of honor speech at her wedding, but leaving some details out for the grandma’s in the audience and so I didn’t embarrass Penny too much. But it’s safe to say Penny and her Boo are now married and living happily ever after.

My next story doesn’t have the same happy ending as Penny’s. My friend Amanda had been dating this guy for about two years and well she had found out that he was cheating on her right around the time that I found our Dumb Dumb was cheating on me. You could say that she is the definition of a Bunny Boiler. She took bat shit crazy to a whole new extreme.

She went to his house and a girls bike was parked outside and she grabbed it and threw it on top of his Land Rover which probably scratched the shit out of it.

She at a later time broke into his house and was looking through his laptop. This is when she had hit her boiling point. She had found a picture of a girl that was sent to him in an email. It was a selfie of this girl in lingerie and there were multiple pictures of her. Amanda without hesitation brought up the website which for those of you who don’t know is a website where people post things about people they don’t like. Usually it consists of people you want to call a slut, whore, or just plain want to talk shit about. Amanda then posted the pictures of the girl on and went on with her day.

Amanda never got back together with this guy and she is probably lucky that he nor the other girl pressed charges against her. Was what Amanda did ok in the laws of the cheated on? What about what I did? Or Penny? If a man does us wrong are we aloud to seek revenge or should we do as Miranda Lambert says and “Hide our Crazy.” I mean seeking revenge really does feel a lot better and makes for a better story to tell. I mean I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if Penny, Amanda, the French girl, and myself just cried in a pillow.

Have you done anything crazy after a relationships? Oh please do tell!


3 thoughts on “The Bunny Boiler

  1. You will find certainly plenty of details like that to take into consideration. That is the great point out bring up. My partner and i offer the thoughts above since general creativity but plainly there are queries like the one an individual bring up the location where the most important thing will likely be working in truthful good belief. I add?t determine best practices have emerged around things such as that, however i am sure that your job can be clearly recognized as a fair game. Both girls and boys feel the effect of only a moments pleasure, for the rest of their existence.

    • Very deep response! I like it! So much is determined by how we act in specific moments and it is hard to not act on impulse which always makes everyones lives more interesting! But I see it as how we develop and evolve into adults. Which is still something I am transforming into. 😉

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