Luigi’s Christmas Present to me? “I’m gonna help you get laid”

This is one of the posts from my original blog that I was able to recover because I sent it to my friend back in the day…. and Facebook saves everything! Thank you Facebook. Don’t know what I am talking about when I say my original blog? Read my about me section to find out!

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.24.50 PMSo last night we had a Christmas party that you could say got out of hand with spiked eggnog and cider. My friend Luigi was on a mission that night. Apparently he thought that I really needed to get laid. He was also really drunk and I am not sure that he remembered his mission in the morning.

Luigi is very tall hence the nick name that he has been given…. well and that’s what he was for halloween so it seemed very fitting.

We are sitting there chatting and he proceeds to ask me if I have ever been with a girl before, as I answered him “No, I haven’t Luigi,” I wondered what he was getting at.

I saw him stumble through the party and proceed to talk to one of my friends that is gay… and he was telling her that she should bring me home… she laughed at Luigi asking him why he decided that was a good idea and what makes him think it would work. Apparently my bad luck with men had Luigi thinking that I should try something new…

Not too much later I am sitting next to Luigi on the couch as he is talking to Batman. (Batman is just another friend that may appear throughout my blog.) He then tells Batman “You should bring Legs home.” (Legs is my nickname for those who haven’t kept up with my blog.) Batman then replies… “I am home…and ummm no.” Did I mention that we are at Batman’s house? The party is at his house… so he wouldn’t have to go anywhere to actually bring me home…

Then Luigi corners me with his tall self tower over me and says “Who are you going home with tonight?” I said “Myself, thank you.” Then he said “But really come on who are you gonna go home with tonight?” Is there an echo in here??? I already answered that question: “Myself, thank you.”

Apparently Luigi really wanted me to get laid.

Some time had passed and a lot of the people started leaving and the people old enough decided to go to the bars. Slowly but surely those people backed out. SO there was four of us that ended up going. We took two different cars. Blondie (not really good friends with Blondie…but he is blonde…hence the nickname… I put on my creative hat for that one) came with me.

He made me promise to drive him home after…. which I had no problem doing cause there was no way he was going to stay at my place.

We get to the bars and we are waiting for the other two. We called them. No answer. We texted them, no answer. So we decided to go into the bar and see if they were already in there. No where to be found. I ran into a girl I knew from high school, and her ex boyfriend, strange that those are the only people I run into that I know. They were leaving and I was left with Blondie.

One of my favorite songs came on so I danced with him a little before I got bored. I don’t like being at the bars with only one person I know — it just isn’t that exciting. So we decided to leave. I brought him back to his place, hugged him goodbye. It was an extremely long hug… that am not sure what to think of. Kind of that awkward moment where you try and let go and the other person doesn’t… and then you are left continuing to hold them, that kind of hug. He then walked me out to my car and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go home. Blondie said that I could stay and hang out for while if I wanted. I kind of just wanted to go to sleep and I was kind of in a bad mood from the girls ditching us.

As I am driving home what does he do but text me…..and says is it weird that I wished you would have stayed? HAHA I mean I guess it isn’t weird if you were hoping to get some… but no thanks. Don’t worry I was polite when texting him back…. for awhile….

Why do guys think that asking the same question over and over again is going to get them a different response? How does that famous quote go… Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results…. Maybe Luigi said something to him that gave him some glimpse of hope.

Photo cred: Google


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