2014 is the Year of Courage

UntitledToday I asked this girl I coach what her new years resolution was going to be. She is 13 and very wise for her age, and said that this year she was going to pick a word. Something she wants to embrace in every situation and every goal she has for the New Year.

I decided my “word” for the new year is going to be courage. Courage to meet new people, try new things, and speak my mind and the courage not give up on my many goals, hopes, and dreams. Courage to stand alone and know that I am not alone.

I’d like to say I am independent and I don’t need a man and that I am not constantly hunting for one. But obviously those who read my blog know otherwise. This blog was originally created because I was confused about being alone and frustrated not having someone by my side looking out for me. And because I believe humor is the best way to deal with things I started writing about all my encounters.   It has been a way to keep my standards high and not let my fear of being alone drive me crazy. Having the courage to stand alone and know that if for some reason I do end up alone that I can still have a great life.

Throughout all these blog entries I really have had so much fun meeting new people and experiencing funny situations. I have learned so much and am thankful for every experience. God has a plan for me and it wasn’t to date anyone so far and I am sure he will bring many more men into my life. But if for some reason God’s plan is for me to live a full life without a man by my side I need to use the courage he has given me to live that wonderful life. I am never alone, I have so many great friends to be thankful for and a wonderful family and the big man looking out for me. So this year is my year of courage. In every aspect, but mostly the courage to stand alone and know that I am not alone.

Image Cred: IG: @van_grave


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