Cupid can’t aim.

06bee9db4c54346dea1c7c7850a9ac5fSo my best friend likes to play matchmaker. And when I say she likes to, I mean she loves to and thinks she is straight up cupid with a big shiny love arrow. The problem with her is that she has really bad aim.  For the sake of that her nickname will be Cupid — that, and the fact that she is hopeless romantic.

So, Cupid is married and her husband is in med school. She keeps talking about all of his classmates that I have to meet. You see, Cupid hasn’t really liked any of my boyfriends. She usually decides to tell me this after we break up and claims to have known it all along. But she decided that she is going to introduce me to one of her husbands classmates….the next thing I know he messages me on Facebook and says,  “I don’t know what to say but I’m flattered.” WHATTTT what did she say to him? Oh my. Cupid! She has this tendency to make situations extremely awkward which I definitely don’t need help doing. I will do that all on my own.

I responded and said, “I am not sure what Cupid is telling you, but she really wants to go on a double date. I’ll let you decide if that is going to happen or not.” Ohhh that was good. Sounded smooth, yet casual, with a little bit of come get me.

“Well, I am not going to turn down the opportunity to hang out with two awesome people and possibly a third.” Well that worked out well. Now I’m going on a date with the Doctor…

So about a week later we actually get this thing planned. Cupid and I are getting ready and are naturally running about 45 minutes behind schedule… all her fault of course. She takes forever! Cupid texted the Doctor and said that we were running late….he then said that he was already there… oops. Poor guy sat there waiting for us…. by himself. Oh, ya, Cupid’s husband was with us.

About 9 hours later we finally arrived at dinner. We went to a brewery that had a full restaurant in it, which I heard was supposed to be good. We proceeded to do the usual small talk. I HATE small talk. Let’s get to the good stuff. Juicy details of a bad story tell you so much more about a person then what they ate yesterday for lunch.  Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an awkward date, but the Doctor wasn’t super engaged and didn’t share much. Cupid thought maybe he was a little shy.

Then the check came. My favorite part of the night. Will he offer to pay? Will I let him? Will we have a mini flirt session to decide the outcome of who is paying? He grabbed the check with out hesitation and I quickly offered to split it with him but he said no. There wasn’t much more then that. Just a simple “No, it’s ok.” I mean can’t really say much after that.  The long anticipated debate was not much more then a three word battle.

At this point in the night I had absolutely no idea what was going through his head. I couldn’t tell if he was into me or if he was just being nice. Cupid suggested that we go to another bar… so to another bar we went.

We were all standing at the bar deciding what to get. Cupid and her husband chose quickly as I sat there staring at the drink menu as if I had never seen one before. The bar tender asked me what I wanted and I told him to ask the Doctor first. The Doctor not only decided what he was getting but told the bartender that he had mine too. So sweet of him, and gentlemanly. Did I mention he was the door opening type?? Every door without fail he opened for me. I liked where this was going.

After a few more drinks, Cupid was now drunk and wanted to go dancing. And when Cupid wants to go dancing, we must certainly go dancing. Her skills are that of a Caucasian Beyoncé, and by that I mean the exact opposite of everything Beyoncé would do at a club. I love Cupid but she cannot dance. But when she wants to do something she is determined….so we went dancing.

When we arrived at the da club the first people I run into when I walk over to the bar? Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are twins you see, and Gnomeo’s best friends. (Gnomeo is my ex-boyfriend.) They were drunk and very excited to see me. I was shocked and very nervous to see them considering Gnomeo could be just around the corner. Thing 2 was now dragging me out to the dance floor. Feeling awkward, I shook him off, telling him I was on a date and asked if Gnomeo was there. Gnomeo and I are I guess kind of on good terms. Every time we see each other it is a bunch of drama for like 24 hours and then we pretend like nothing happened the next time we see or talk to each other. ANYWAYS… he not at da club… what a relief.

Back to my date. The Doctor busts out this extremely awkward dance move. Oh my… he can’t dance. You know I’m really bad at pretending to have fun. You will see it all over my face. I can’t help it but I also feel really bad about it. I’m on a date. I’m forced to dance with him. And now forced to pretend I am having fun. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Cupid starts dragging us out to the dance floor. Deep breath. Here we go. We start dancing…. AHHHH it was a joke earlier. That was his joke dance… this is his real dance. Much better.

Did I mention he paid for another drink? Well that and he came over to Cupid’s house for a movie after. And then after the movie we talked a bit and then I slept in the guest bedroom and he slept on the couch. I felt a little guilty about this, but he didn’t make any moves! Not my fault! Not that much would have happened anyways but if he would have even tried to cuddle with me or tried to kiss me I would have shared the bed with him. But I thought it might be weird if I was like “Oh, I’ll share with you if you want…”

This is when it gets weird. The Doctor did everything right. I am firm believer that if a guy likes you he is intentional with his actions. With how many different places we went, he could have gone home at any moment. He could have not paid at any place. He could have not asked for my number and told me we should hang out again. But he did. He did all those things.  This was one of Cupid’s best match making moments… Something ACTUALLY panned out.

Wrong. We were supposed to hang out the next weekend. He bailed. We barely talked after that. It’s been like three weeks since then…. Now he has a girlfriend. Cupid’s arrow missed again.

photo cred: Yia Yia and Athenos

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