1000 miles away… he will make it be known

a3e1ad43c100343a0f259d284ab9035cI’m setting aside my awkward encounters for a cute post. One that encompasses everything that is right with men. Men — that is, not boys.

If a man wants something he will make it happen. Plain and simple. I could stop there but this is a blog, not twitter. I am not limited to 42 characters so I am going to continue. If guy is interested in you he will make it be known. So ladies stop asking those what if’s or trying to read between the lines. I decided to ask a bunch of random guys about a time when they went the extra mile (sometimes literally) just to make it be known that they loved someone. I absolutely loved their answers and more importantly I absolutely loved that they really wanted to share. These men were proud and they should be.

I met a girl and fell in love with her from the moment I met her. Three weeks later I was deployed to Guam. I flew her out just to see me three weeks after meeting her and several more times after that as well. 

On a whim, I decided to drive over 1000 miles just to surprise my girl. 

ef22533868f9a9a333944f39640b066aMy high school crush came and visited me in New York for a weekend. I planned out the entire weekend starting with when she arrived we went straight to the 9/11 memorial. We then proceeded to the off Broadway show STOMP, and after that we went to my favorite salsa dancing spot. The next day, we went and visited the Rain room at the Museum of Modern Art, then proceeded to dinner in Brooklyn before heading up to Yankee Stadium for Justin Timberlake and Jay – Z ‘s Legends of Summer concert. On her final day in New York, I surprised her by taking her into Times Square to watch The Lion King on Broadway. Afterwards we went back to my apartment where we made dinner and ate it up on my roof where there are the most breath taking views of the Manhattan skyline. Her New York expectations were exceeded to say the least. 

I play pro-baseball and I bought a plane ticket for a woman and sent it to her house for a surprise to come visit me on the east coast.

I set up a huge breakfast in bed for my girlfriend randomly one morning. I took the bus with all ingredients and I had to walk 2.5 miles with it cause I didn’t have a car at the time. Not super flashy but it showed I cared.

When it comes to love we’re all human and love seems to drive us the extra mile. In my personal experiences and in my observations of others, if a guy wants a girl bad enough he’ll go get her. At least until he knows she doesn’t want him or he finds out that the feelings are mutual. At one point I was driving 530 miles every weekend for 6 months to see a girl. I’ve 337e1ad464a286e66746a06058df2705watched one of my friends travel up and down to LA several times to see a girl. Another one also sent flowers to his girlfriend on her birthday and Valentines Day when he was deployed. He spends every moment he could surprising her with small gifts and reminders of his love. Even being on the other side of the world. I think love drives guys out of their shells and allows them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

I drove to Spokane 4 times from Seattle to hang out with a girl that I liked who went to school at Gonzaga. I then blew out my knee and she wanted me to go to her graduation. I was in straight leg brace and crutches so I couldn’t drive…. I ended up buying a train ticket to get over in time (8hr train ride). Turned into my girlfriend at the end of the month 🙂


My girlfriend was really stressed because she had to work all week and she was also moving that week. I surprised her and moved her entire apartment when she was at work so that she knew I cared about her and she she could be less stressed. 

I once rented a U-Haul and found a place on the beach and parked it right down by the ocean. I decorated the inside as if it was a dining room complete with a fake chandelier in the middle hanging from the ceiling. I had a BBQ on the side where I cooked her a complete dinner and we ate in our dining room as the sun went down. 

Valentines Day fell during the week this year and my girlfriend didn’t think I was going to be able to see her because we both had class. But I drove 3 hours to see her and made her dinner before she got home from work. I had flowers and the table set with a poem I wrote her when she walked in the door.

If a man wants something enough, he will make it happen or he will make an effort and make you feel very special. This can mean something as little as making time for you or as big driving 1000 miles on a whim just to see you.  A real man will never give up on someone they love no matter how far away they are. Now ladies, it is up to us to not get greedy in these scenarios. We are not princesses, we don’t need to be spoiled, but we deserve to feel special.

All you men and women in blogger world… do you have any stories to add? I would love to hear more tales of beautiful love  🙂


2 thoughts on “1000 miles away… he will make it be known

  1. These are beautiful stories thank you for sharing! And thank you to the men who shared them. Someday I hope to find a man that shows me he loves me every day and also who appreciates all the little things/surprises I love to give to him.

    • I know right! Keep your heals high and your standards higher girl! No sense in settling! Better to be alone and when i say alone, I mean without a man doesn’t mean you don’t have many people who love and care about you! Invest in those already in your life and the right person will come along!

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