10 (awkward) ways to meet a guy NOT on social media

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This post is somewhat inspired by exploring tinder… the dating app. Read my post Left. Left. Left, Right, Left…. the battle to find Mr. Right. It’s about tinder if you haven’t already. And this list is also some what inspired by my friend’s little book of pick up lines. You see, we are always joking around about picking up guys, so one of my friends made this tiny little book of pick up lines. It was about two by three inches and every page has a different pick up line on it.  This way you can rip them out and give them to guys. I am pretty sure we gave most of them to our friends instead….


I feel as though so many people are all about these dating sites, meeting people through social media, or the latest dating app. Can we not go back to the old days, when you got out of your damn house and actually approached someone? We are all afraid to fail, which is why we hide behind our computer screens and iPhones. We are all afraid to be judged, we are all afraid to be awkward. Meeting new people can be awkward. NEWSFLASH: We all have our awkward moments. We all have our failed attempts to meet the opposite sex is what this ENTIRE blog is about! If I didn’t do weird, crazy, awkward things and instead just tried dating sites this blog would not nearly be as entertaining. A failed attempted in person can turn into a great friendship…  you can then later laugh about how awkward you were the first time you met. A failed attempted online allows you to hind behind your technology… and will most likely result in no friendship and no meeting up for happy hour and creating more awkward stories.

So here is my list of 10 (awkward) ways to meet someone not on social media or from a dating site. You can choose to include the word awkward or not… depending on if it works or not. I have tried them all… some have worked some have not.  Enjoy 🙂

1. Wear mittens to the bar and when you see a cute guy go up to him and say, “It’s a good thing I wore my mittens, cause your too hot to handle.” Tacky pick up lines can  actually be very effective… especially coming from a girl. Girls! The guys you want aren’t necessarily going to approach you. The good ones are the shy ones that are just at out and about to hang out with their friends. If you wait for a guy to come to you, a lot of the time these guys are just looking for a hook up. If you use a dumb pick up line correctly, he will just think you’re funny or cute.

854064992. Photo copy your face and write you number on the back of it and if it to a cute guy. He won’t ever forget what you look like. Now I wouldn’t recommend this for someone you have never seen before… he has to know what your face looks like not in black and white smashed against a photo copier. Otherwise, it’s a pretty hilarious way to give a guy your number.

3. Escape creepers at the bar and pretend you know the cute guy just to talk to him. This worked great for me. He felt like a hero saving me from some wierdos. Going into this, I would advise making eye contact with the guy you think is cute and smiling so it isn’t just a complete random occurrence. But hey, if it;s random, so what! The worst that can happen is he thinks you’re a weirdo. Which honestly isn’t the end of the world.

4. Pretend like you are asking a guy if he is interested in your friend, and then subtly ask if he would be more into someone like you.  This would work for anything. Ask if he likes tall girls and point at your friend… then before he gets a chance to answer ask if he likes short girls and point at yourself.  And make sure you add a giggle in there.

3ff336f9a792e31b8c77c49bd467b4ee5. Have your friends set you up on a blind date with their most eligible bachelor. These can go great or they can go terribly. Either way you meet someone new and you never know when you might need something from them in the future or what you might learn about yourself.

6. Pretend like you met him before and then play dumb when he is confused and act super embarrassed. This works very well but you need to have decent acting skills and be able to make up some story and go with it. “Oh my gosh how are you! Are you still with Ashley? How is she?” He then replies… “Umm I have no idea what you aretalking about…” Then apologize profusely and invite him to come hang out with your friends. (Works well at like a bar or something where you are out with friends.) It’s also an easy way to find out if he is single or not.

7. Have the courage to say something random to Mr. Cute Guy. If he thinks you’re cute he won’t think you are weird.  “I broke this machine by accident once.” I said this to a guy at the gym. Yup, he thought I was weird. But now we are great friends!


8. Ask your friend’s boyfriend to meet the brother. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. This actually works quite well. I dated a guy for a little bit and he was very much like his brother. Very sweet, a true gentleman, but it just wasn’t the right fit.

9. Ask a guy to dance with you. Crazy thought. We are living in the 21st century. Girls…. We can ask a guy to dance with us. Remember what I said on #1? A lot of the time the guys you want are the ones who will not approach you in a social setting. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. The worst that will happen is he will say no… that ain’t that bad.

10. Smile. Sometimes it is just that simple.


8 thoughts on “10 (awkward) ways to meet a guy NOT on social media

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  3. Great tips on getting started! And you’re right, sometimes it just takes a courageous girl to go out there and flash a sweet smile and say a simple hello. It’s quite liberating once you get around to not feeling jittery haha. Good job, I enjoyed the read! 😀

    xx love

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  6. None of these as awkward as a guy continuously and purposefully hitting you in the face with a volleyball and then him later saying “I didn’t mean to keep hitting on you, but i guess you just attract Balls.”

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