Maybe you will actually take a razor to those hairy legs… Advice for a First Date!

a62494ced1e3a0c169fe0cf4fddd1481You spend hours figuring out what you’re going to wear, consulting all your friends through snap chat. Then it’s figuring out just the right shade of eye shadow with an eyeliner that complements your tone perfectly.  Maybe you actually take a razor to those hairly beasts you call legs after months of thinking “no one is actually going to see them, why bother.” And if you really like the guy maybe you get your nails done. At least this is how I feel before even thinking about going on a first date.

I don’t know about you guys but I want things to be perfect.

I want to be perfect.

Or at least I want him to think that I am perfect.

A frist date is a scary thing. You’re worried about the perfect outfit. Wheather or not you’re having a good hair day.  Maybe if he will find your laugh cute or obnoxious. Or maybe if your heals make you taller then him. At least that is something I worry about. It’s that…ok I have seen you once and I am trying to remember exactly how tall you are and if I can get away with wearing heals to the first date. Ladies all this date preparation and worrisome thoughts leaves us forgetting the most important part of the night. First dates are a chance for you to figure out if you like him! Maybe you have known the guy forever and this is the first real date or maybe you barely know the guy and this is a great chance to get to know him. Either way a first date allows you to examine how someone might treat you in a date like senario. So  stop trying to figure out if he likes you and decide if you like him.

Ask questions. Ask lots of questions.  And be critical, be kind, and most importantly be you. Wear your favorite outfit not because you are dressing up for him but because you like how you feel in it. Wear your hair your favorite way because it makes you feel confident. Well and maybe shave your legs because you’re wearing a skirt…. or don’t! But do things for you and it will give you an unbelievable confidence. You will stop second guessing if he likes it because you like it.  If it is meant to be and he asked you out for the right reasons, he will like what you wore because it is you, he will like your hair not because of how it actually looks but because the confidence you have is sexy.  Stop second guessing if he likes you and just enjoy the date. I feel like we as girls fall into this pattern of focusing so much on if a guy likes us that we forget a very important part of the date. Do we like him?


13 thoughts on “Maybe you will actually take a razor to those hairy legs… Advice for a First Date!

  1. I completely agree that woman need to stop trying to figure out if a man likes them and focus on figuring out whether she actually likes the man!

    I think it’s a great idea to ask questions too, but there’s a fine line between conversational questions and interrogation questions. We should be cautious to stick to conversational questions as opposed to outright interviewing.

    Great post, I look forward to more!

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  4. I love this…
    I haven’t been reading much lately, but as someone who mentally bullies myself, I absolutely love this. I’m in a relationship and I still worry about all this, because of me. He tells me I’m amazing, in various and different ways all the time.
    This is so simple and true and great advice!!!! Oh and I’m doing way better with the bullying!

  5. Don’t be too critical, he’s just as nervous and uncomfortable as you. It shouldn’t be an interview. Dates should be fun, be easy going, no expectations, just go and try to have a good time. If you have a good time with good conversation then it’s a win. Rarely on first dates do you get to see the real person, they are giving you their “first date” version of themself.

  6. I agree with this completely!! But wanted to add, I have a really good friend who struggles keeping the first date to dinner if you know what I mean 😉 MY ADVICE… don’t shave your legs and you are guaranteed to go home alone date #1 HAHA love your stuff!

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