Texting… Modern Day Romance at its finest…

When I think of the normal steps in a relationship… there is the initial encounter… then you go on a date… then you are dating… then you are going steady … then you are serious… then you get engaged… then you get married. At least this is how I see it or invision how dating should be. But do we live in an era where there are more steps??

I find people and relationships very interesting. This is mostly why I have this blog. I Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.59.51 PMlike to examine why people do the things they do and laugh about the stupid things that I do. So we are taking it back to the New Yorker. Yes, I am still talking to him for all of those who are curious. He is still weird, funny, charming… and a million miles away, though. We initially started talking on Facebook and then we started texting a bunch. And just the other day he told me that he told his friend about me. I asked why. I mean I know that we are very flirty and he has to at least have a small crush on me or maybe I am just being arrogant. BUT nothing has actually happened yet so it is hard to say.


When I asked why, I was definitely putting him on the spot a bit but I wanted to see what he would say. Would he refer to me as a girl he thought was cute? A girl he had a crush on? A girl he wanted to ask out? His answer was simply none of these. He referred to me as “the girl he was texting…..”

Oh my!

Have I gotten myself into another texting relationship? You see I refer to these as relationships only because the entire relationships exists only through texting. I mean yes, he has called me a few times but we text A LOT. Or maybe times are changing and this just a whole new step of dating, because we as a society need instant gratification. If we can’t create a relationship through the quickest form of communication, then do we as a society not want to waste our time on that person? Do we have to win them over through texting before we get a first date? Or even a first hang out? Or maybe things would be entirely different if the New Yorker was in the same area as me but this definitely isn’t the first time where I am like “GAHHHHH!” Call me old fashioned why can’t we just hang out or talk on the phone.

Texting is stupid.


4 thoughts on “Texting… Modern Day Romance at its finest…

  1. I find the subject of all this ‘being in constant contact’ with everyone interesting, not only do we have texting but now with smart phones we can also contact anyone a million different ways, all the time. I hope it never replaces actually spending time with people though.

  2. Some advice from someone who is defintely old enough to be your daddy….don’t take the long distance thing any further – keep it long distance. Enjoy the fun, let it run its course. And oh, you’renot in the Phoenix area are you? (He says, wanting to get his oldest boy to settle down someday). 😉 Cute post.

    • Thanks for the advice and for taking the time to listen to me rant. Part of me wants to visit him in New York (I have other friends I have been meaning to visit as well and I haven’t been since I was in 5th grade) but part of me doesn’t want to be let down or change or situation. I enjoy talking to him. Anyways here I go ranting again. I will certainly think about what you have said… and unfortunately I am not in the Phoenix area haha.

      • keep in mind it’s not about ‘being letdown’ – it’s about damage control. These things RARELY work out, so minimize the damage, have fun and let it just run its course via texting…you can have a lot of fun with it this way. Keep your identification details private (such as address, full name if you’ve not shared it already). Gee, I guess I can’t comment now on the amazing legs after giving you all the fatherly advice! 😦


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