Sometimes I Send a Cat Wearing a Sweater to my Crush on V-Day

I LOVE cards. I can sit there for hours reading all the weird goofy/strange things that they have to say. So the other day I was shopping for a birthday card and ran across one that I thought would be perfect for the New Yorker (my current crush…that’s his nickname). He loves cats, which I think is a little strange in itself. I feel like you don’t meet many full gornw men who love cats… maybe I am reading too much into stereo types but still.


So I saw this card that said “I was worried you weren’t going to get a birthday card with a cat wearing a sweater on it.” and the inside said “so here.”  I bought it not knowing when or if I would ever send it to the New Yorker.

Well…. randomly the other day when we were talking I was telling him about the non-profit I work for and he decided that he would donate to the cause. Since I am the one who processes the donations…BAM now I have his address… and a place to send this wacky card. Only problem is it I have no clue when his birthday is. BUT since valentine’s day is only a few days away I decided I would cross out birthday and write valentine’s day.

I now have 24 hours to decide if I want to sign my name and put a return address… at least to make sure he gets it on time… What do you guys think I should do?

For the record… he already knows I’m quirky.


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