I Had One of the Best Valentine’s Days and I Even Got Flat Out Rejected

Oh my goodness. It is all over Facebook, all over Twitter, and all over WordPress Blogs.

“I’ll be home alone tonight with a bottle of wine”

“I’m never going to find anyone”

“I wish someone would send me flowers”

I was “alone” in the sense that I didn’t have a date. I didn’t buy myself flowers…. so I didn’t get any flowers… and saying never is like deciding what the future has in store for you before it even happens…. aka REALLY dumb. I had one of the best Valentine’s days and I even got flat out rejected at the bar by  a guy that I wasn’t even interested in.


It was pretty funny actually this guy was hitting on my friend and he was being really sweet and hanging out with both of us. Then his friend wanders over and starts talking to me.  We were just chatting… I wasn’t interested in him but he was from Brazil and had some cool stories. Then all of a sudden he goes “You know you’re beautiful, you have gorgeous lips and it’s awesome that you work for a non-profit and want to help people…. BUT I’m going to go to the bathroom. Bye.” Oh my goodness I have never been straight out rejected like that before. It was like you know I’m not interested and I don’t even want to hang out because you’re not worth my time. Wow. It was like he thought I was going to fall in love with him, which was definitely not the case, and he wanted to cut it off before it went any further. I mean at least he was nice about it…. starting it out with a compliment but it was definitely WEIRD and a rather amusing way to end the night.

But my Valentine’s consisted of no flowers, no dates, and no chocolate. Just great friends, a fun bar, yummy drinks, no hang over, and blisters from my really cute new shoes which I certainly don’t regret wearing.

But there is a simple point I would like to make amongst my rambles … there are children who have no mother on mothers day… father on fathers day, food on thanks giving, or presents on christmas, so the fact that you have no Valentine??? NO sympathy, sorry. Be happy for those around you. Appreciate that love still exists. Smile when you see all the men in the grocery store who procrastinated and are picking out flowers. Appreciate that chivalry isn’t dead when you see couples holding hands. Treasure the adorable things that people have done for each other and have chosen to blast all over social media. Celebrate the love of others if you don’t have a special someone of your own and most importantly be thankful for what you do have. Which is most likely a mom, dad, presents and food on holidays. And if you don’t have those things, well then you can complain.


2 thoughts on “I Had One of the Best Valentine’s Days and I Even Got Flat Out Rejected

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