Photo copy your face… great way to hit on a guy

Five Years and Finally Single

e203190776388ebf747f76a38869844b Many of my friends have been getting married lately and there has been a lot of reminiscing about how they met, their first kiss, their first date, and all the other firsts that come along building up to marriage. This really got me thinking how or when I would meet my husband. Would I meet him at the country bar, or the gym, or would I have some crazy hilarious story to tell everyone at my wedding of how we met. Somehow this gave me the courage to start doing some… well… slightly brave and funny things. Thinking to myself this will either be a great story of how I awkwardly hit on a guy or it could blossom into a beautiful relationship and possibly an awesome marriage.

SO… I recently competed in this race called the Great Urban Race, it is very similar to the Amazing Race but more…

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