Finding Love is Like Finding the Perfect Job

Everyone seems to always be searching and looking for their perfect soulmate. That one person they feel like they are meant to be with. I don’t believe in soulmates. Here’s why…

b60c5907260e2c30018aad55d08a0257How can there be just one person that makes you happy? We all have these long wish-lists of what we want in a significant other. You could call this “the perfect person.” My wish-list in no particular order goes something like this:

  • Driven
  • Smart
  • Confident but not cocky
  • Creative
  • Clean
  • Athletic
  • Funny
  • Positive
  • Good with kids
  • Wants kids
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome with nice abs

But when I look at the past guys that I have dated, like the ones that I would say I actually loved, there were definitely things that were missing from this list. Some would argue, “well thats why you broke up, they weren’t your soulmate.” Well wrong, we didn’t break up because they didn’t have any one of these things we broke up because our lives were taking us in two different directions. You see everyone has this picture of what their soulmate will be like but in reality there is always parts of someone you won’t like.

This is why I think finding a soulmate is like finding the perfect job. There are many many jobs(people) that will probably make you happy and give you fulfillment in life. The more you invest in your job(person) and give it the best you have, the more respect you will get from your coworkers and the more you will grow in your position. Sometimes a job(person) isn’t right for you, even after you gave it everything that you had. This is where people sometimes dwell on a person that they could have been with or might be missing out on.  You should be happy in life and if it wasn’t working out then it probably wasn’t something that would make you very happy. But that’s not to say that every job(person) has parts that you won’t like. And some jobs(people) will take a while to find or you will that person looking for this idealized perfect job(person) that doesn’t exist and you will spend your whole life bouncing around from job(person) to job(person) not truly pouring your heart into one thing and investing and growing in one area(person).


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