Wishing for a Man

Here I was sitting at Cupid’s (my best friend, see  nicknames to know why she has been given that name) house for her birthday and she is recently married and I absolutely love her husband.  Well, we are all waiting very impatiently, waiting for her to blow out her candles and a few of the them actually look like they are going to melt right down to the cake. Trying to figure out what is going through that brain of hers, I said ” Girllll the frosting is going to steal your wish you better hurry up!”


She said in the most loving voice “Every year I wish to find the love of my life and now I don’t know what to wish for.” It was one of the cutest moments I have witnessed between a couple. Cupid’s husband looked at her and gave her a big kiss.

I then told her “You should wish for me to find the love of my life.” The room laughed… but I was serious.



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