(My) First Kiss Gone Viral


I love first kisses. I can remember every first kiss I ever had clearly. Sometimes they were awkward, sometimes exciting, but they were always beautiful. There is something special about a first kiss that is magical even if it doesn’t go beyond that one moment.

I might be very biased in my opinion because I haven’t kissed that many people in the grand scheme of things, but a first kiss puts two people in a very vulnerable situation of rejection, hesitation, and self doubt. It is a moment in life that can’t be repeated or replicated, even between the same two people. There may be spark or maybe the only exciting part was the anticipation, but none-the-less it is a feeling that you can’t put into words… but I wanted to attempt to share the beauty of a few of my first kisses.

One of my first kisses happened when it had freshly snowed. Where I lived, it rarely snows but I had been hanging out with this guy for a couple of weeks and we had just finished watching a movie. It was getting late and I told him that I needed to go home. We walked outside to the stunning silence of freshly fallen snow and started to play in it. He then grabbed me, pulled me in tight, and gave me me a kiss that was just as soft and as beautiful as the freshly fallen snow that surrounded us. He told me he had been waiting forever to do that, but was glad he waited for this perfect moment.

Later, in high school I had been seeing this guy a for little while, but I was so nervous about kissing him. I really wanted to, but was so scared. I worried about being a bad kisser, him not liking it, and a million other things teenagers are anxious about. We were at his house cooking pizza and I had just ripped off a piece and was chewing it. It was that very moment that he went in for a kiss. It was not only awkward, but also adorable. I quickly swallowed the pizza and pretended that I had not just had pizza in my mouth. I bet to this day he never knew. It was that high-school moment with a little bit of awkwardness and the spark that started our young love.

Another of my first kisses was with a friend and I don’t even remember how it happened. Well I do, but it was so unexpected that I didn’t even have enough time to blink or think. It just happened. We were chatting and our faces were getting closer and closer. At the time it didn’t seem like a romantic moment, but rather two people relaxing and becoming more comfortable with the situation around them. He made a move. Chatting quickly became a swapping of spit and an exchange of passionate kisses. At this point I don’t even remember what we were talking about. These kisses were never repeated nor did they lead to anything more. It was one moment that was perfectly executed and mutually enjoyed.

One of my memorable my first kisses happened at my friends bachelorette party. This is my story of kissing a stranger. I met this guy at a bar (sketch I know), but he was very attractive. I went on a walk with this cutie. He was so sweet and so kind. He had piercing blue eyes and a strong bone structure. We had been playing a dare game the whole night and we all had bracelets on that represented different dares. Earlier that night I made this cutie sing me a song and then gave him the corresponding colored bracelet. I’m really competitive and by the end of the night I only had one bracelet left. He then asked me what my last dare was. “This one is kiss a stranger,” I responded. My original notion behind having a kissing dare was to kiss someone on the cheek or kiss each other. (Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to get the bride to make out with someone just days before her wedding.) My stranger responded by saying “Can I have that bracelet.” He then leaned in and kissed me. It was beautiful. I felt fireworks. He told me I was beautiful and continued to kiss me. He told me he wanted to see me again and I gave him my number. And I never talked to him again.  But it really was an amazingly beautiful moment.

Sometimes we kiss strangers, sometimes we kiss lovers, sometimes crushes, and sometimes our friends. Every kiss is different. Every moment different. I think this is why I like the newest clip that just went viral. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it, especially since it has inspired this blog post. It completely captures the feelings of vulnerability followed by fireworks and all from complete strangers. The concept is 20 complete strangers kissing. It is thrilling, enchanting, awkward, exciting, and most importantly– beautiful.



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