10 ways to NOT sleep with a guy on the first date

first dateI have never been one to sleep with a guy on the first date. It is not my style nor is it something I believe to be a good foundation for a solid relationship. Not everyone is probably looking for a relationship but I would rather be in an amazing relationship or be single, meaning the frist date could be the start of an amazing relationship but sleeping with a guy on the first date isn’t such a great idea.

People often ask me “How do you have that much self control?” Well for me it is simple, my future is more important to me then my right now. I am not really into the whole one night stands and in order to gain someones respect you must have patience and allow a man to work for your attention and love. “You see, when a man pursues a woman and then “wins” her, he feels as if he has attained something very special and will cherish and honor her. On the other hand, when this primal behavioral pattern is short-circuited by having sex too early, he feels that she, and a relationship with her, are not that extraordinary of a prize.” says relationship expert Bree Maresca-Kramer (Want to Get Married? Don’t Sleep With Him on the Frist Date) Men will test the limits which is why us women should take matters into our own hands. After chatting with one of my good friends and having a follower suggest I do a “10 ways to NOT sleep with a guy on the first date,” here goes nothing….

1. Tell him straight up that you aren’t the kind of girl that has sex on the first date. Now this needs to be done carefully… bringing it up on a first date might make him think your crazy. So this would have to be the right moment. But this could result in him trying harder… he might see it as a challenge so that is something to be weary about.

2. Make it a double date. Tell your friend you are not going home with him. Let her hold you accountable. When you tell people your goals in life or in date you will more likely follow them.

3. Avoid any alcohol. This may be hard for someone to do on the first date… I mean I like to have a drink or two, it allows me to feel less nervous and be myself BUT if it makes you a little frisky then it is something you might want to avoid!

4. Where do most people have sex? A bed mostly… well don’t go near one! It is the frist date soooooo stay clear of any place you may have sex. If you commonly have sex in random places be in a public place or no where near a place you might do it!

5. Don’t kiss him either. I know that might be a weird concept for some people. But kissing is the gateway drug to sex. If you don’t kiss someone you moosssssstttttt likely won’t have sex with them.

6. Tell him you are on your period. I mean this will likely turn him off to the point were he won’t try any funny business.

7. Don’t shave your legs. I mean who wants to rub up against two hairy beasts???? He surely won’t and that will make sure you keep those pants on.

8. Now lets go one step further…. wear granny panties. The sheer embarrassment of not wanting your date to see your underwear should keep you out of his bed.

first date

9. Draw something some your stomach/bikini line with a marker. Something random, something funny, or “I am not having sex tonight.” I think the craziness involved with that decision will keep you from letting him see the part of you that are written on.

first date

10. Self Control. Your will power needs to be greater then your moment of weakness.

Now just remember this ladies… no one said it better then Bob Marly

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. … Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.


8 thoughts on “10 ways to NOT sleep with a guy on the first date

  1. I have only slept with one man on the first ‘date’, would never do it again, ever (my ‘get out of sex’ card is to make sure I don’t do a bikini wax prior to a ‘date’)…the first ‘date’ began a ‘relationship’ filled with crazy amounts of jealousy on both sides…we resembled a couple of toddlers who’d managed to release the safety lock on the medicine cabinet and had got high on Dettol…haven’t seen him in years, haven’t had sex since and have no plans to change that!!! Great blog 😀 I’m with you on your first blog about waiting for something amazing and not settling for anything less. Keep up the great work!

  2. The best is just don’t shave. And do you know how many times I’ve been in my period?? Lol. I have even joked about it with guys on the phone before meeting them and said even if I don’t have my period, I will have it. GREAT blog. 🙂

  3. Good for you! As a man with two daughters and two grand daughters, I want them to be desired and respected their entire life. There are easy ways to do that with just a little sacrifice up front. The man that wants the favor of a woman’s company and doesn’t pressure her for a clothing optional gymnastics session is a man that is interested in a lot more than a five minute passion play. Who knows, that one might be a keeper.

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