The New Yorker came to town… Not Exactly a Home Run

So the New Yorker came to town…. all the way from the city that never sleeps to the city that is known for it’s micro breweries, organic living, and rain. The city where hippies are the majority and city folk are the minority.

I picked him up from the airport and felt a little start stuck. He was much cuter than I had remembered or maybe now I just had a personality that matched his face. The next four days consisted of 6 ish dates. I say ish because it someone depends on what you call a date. The first date when he got in was dinner at this nice restaurant,  then got a drink after with one of his really good friends, the next day we had breakfast with his married friend, his wife and their kid, then we got lunch with his other friend who is married and has four kids, then a day later he went to the bars with my friends and I, then the next day we got break fast, and then he took me to a baseball game with another one of his married friends and their little family. Kind of crazy… I felt like we had been dating for a month or so… that stage where you are still getting to know one an other but you want all your friends to meet that person. There was no PDA but when we were alone there were cute little kisses exchanged. He asked me what my long term plans were, where I was headed, and what I wanted in life. He talked about how he wanted a family and how much he loved his family. He appreciated the love his friends had for their spouses and it truly seemed like he wanted the same. It seemed like he was showing me off to all his friends.  I felt special to him and I felt like their might have been something there. He told me he wanted to take over the world (he is an entrepreneur) and I told him I want to change the world (I work for a non-profit). I thought we would be an amazing duo……


A conversation that came up when we were talking at breakfast kind of makes things very clear about what this all could be…. he said distance never works. Then what is the point of ever dating for like the three days that he was here? Will I ever see him again? He clearly has no intentions of letting this continue… Why do we talk every other day then? Why would he talk to someone that much if he had no intentions on making anything happen? Am I crazy? Is he Crazy?

Part of me thought that we might see each other a few more times and then if things were still good and we still were talking like we had and flirting that… I dunno…. maybe we could date…. I guess I don’t care if something is distance… you make things work that you want to work…. you make your own normal, your own reality and that can be different for every person and every relationship.

I’m a pretty bummed and all thats left is a bag of carrots and jalapeño yogurt dip…. the New Yorker decided that because I had never tried jalapeno yogurt dip that we just had to go buy some. We ended up buying it at Costco… so I literally have enough carrots and yogurt dip to feed a small country.




2 thoughts on “The New Yorker came to town… Not Exactly a Home Run

  1. Just had a comparable interaction. A guy sought me out, took me out 3 times with forwardness and intention only to bring up on date 3 he didn’t want a relationship. Nothing physical was happening between us. What was the point? No idea, but I am with you, I want someone to be crazy about me too.

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