When Your Married Friend Decides to be Your Personal Dating Assistant….

I said goodbye to the New Yorker today… it was sad… I have no idea when or if I will ever see him again.

Cupid Shopping for Men

Cupid Shopping for Men

My best friend, Cupid, and her Husband came to visit me from a distant city and I really did my best to be in a good mood but apparently I was doing a terrible job at hiding it. I was updating her on my life and my recent adventures with the online dating website Plenty of Fish. She thought I was probably being too picky and that I should give it a second chance and that she wanted to help me. Oh dear, I thought to myself, here we go again. Cupid is trying to shoot her arrows again, and she is terrible at aiming.

She then got on my page and starts hunting through all the profiles online, asking me ransom questions, messaging random people, and essentially pretending to be my personal dating assistant, meanwhile her husband is sitting right next to her the whole time. Pretty hilarious. She had me dying laughing, she was so into it,  so I snapped a picture displaying her man fishing focus.

At this point she has a few different conversations going with a few different people and is pretending to be me the whole time.  She downloaded the app on my phone so she could go mobile with her fishing assistance. She then realizes that my profile has been hidden, which I then don’t know how I was getting messages in the first place, but she unhides it. I have now received 53 messages in the last three days. The day that she was in town I was up to date on all my messages but two days later…. I am wishing I had my personal assistant back. I haven’t replied to any…. it is just overwhelming.


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