He didn’t want to Pally Waggle…

I thought this deserved it’s own post…

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.09.23 PMSo as my married friend was pretending to be my personal assistant she decided to mess with people that she decided that she didn’t like.  Polly Waggling may sound dirty but it is not what you think…..

The conversation went someone like this…. (Copy and pasted this verbatim except for our names)

Guy: Wooooow jaw dropped… You’re so beautiful and tall!!! How tall are you Hun ;)? Have you ever been handcuffed before ;)?

Me(Which is really Cupid): Not handcuffed but I’ve been pally waggled before 😉 it was hot

Guy: Haha are you making fun of me 😶?

Me(Which is really Cupid):  No you’ve never heard of that before? I feel weird now

Guy: Haha I thought you were. Tell me about it Hun ;)? What did you do?

Me(Which is really Cupid):  It’s when you pick all of the marshmallows out of your lucky charms

Guy: ?? And this has to do with handcuffs why?

Me(Which is really Cupid): It doesn’t I was just letting you know. I hadn’t been handcuffed so I had to let you know something I HAD done, right?

Guy: Haha ok 😉 you could let me know if you’ve ever thought about being handcuffed ;)???

Me(Which is really Cupid): Yeah but I never drive drunk so I don’t typically have to worry about getting a DUI

Guy: You got an answer for everything huh ;)? What if you didn’t break the law? What I wanted to handcuff you myself when we were all alone and then take advantage of you ;)?

Me(Which is really Cupid): Lets just stick to pally waggling for now Mmkay


AHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAH OMG! This guy is not only soooooo weird and extremely creepy but Cupid had me cracking up. I don’t think he wanted to Pally Waggle….



2 thoughts on “He didn’t want to Pally Waggle…

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! in the words of Becky Conner, “SLAMMER!” and who goes from asking how tall you are to asking if you’ve ever been handcuffed before??? that escalated quicker than a jet on steroids! SERIOUSLY creepy…

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