Single and 35 doesn’t look so bad, I’m not gonna lie.

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I know am not the only one confused about this whole love thing, all the expectations of what society is telling us, what I feel like I should be, and what I truly want. But Single and 35 doesn’t look so bad, I’m not gonna lie.

Sometimes I am envious of my married friends. They seem to have everything figured out. They have full time jobs, found love, and are starting their life with someone. I look at them and go “Wow look what you have created for yourself.” The love they share between them and their loved one seems amazing and seems like something I want. I get frustrated when I think about where I am at and what I am doing and my lack of love finding. I feel like I have to fit into this puzzle we call life perfectly….

But then I see video clips like this it inspires me and motivate me and makes me secure with exactly who I am and what I am doing. I blog. I blog a lot. In fact I have two blogs and this is just one of them. I coach for a community college and I love it. I am impacting the lives of many teenagers through the lenze of my sport. I work closely with a local non-profit assisting in the planning of their community events. I love what I do and I love who I am. Yes, I’m single and I rant and rave in my blog about the lack of men but I am happy. I worry about not being salaried at the age of 24 but I’m working two jobs I love and learning so much about myself and my passions not only through my work but also through my blogging adventures.

Sometimes I really do think about if what I want is just the pressures of society telling me to be a certain way or if what I want is what I have…

When you love and accept yourself totally the world around you changes. In the end happiness is a choice isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Single and 35 doesn’t look so bad, I’m not gonna lie.

  1. I think by time we hit 40 any notion of perfection is long gone. And one starts looking at life in terms of happiness; drilling down to the core of what creates a satisfying, purposeful life. Being alone is wonderful, but so is having someone to share life with…someone to wake up next to, share stories, share dreams, share experiences…the world is so beautiful it’s frustrating to see something remarkable…like a butterfly dancing upon rays of warm morning sunshine…to then turn around and have only the thin air to share the moment with.

    I think societal norms or expectations should not carry the weight that they do. No scenario guarantees happiness, or success raising the next generation.

    The only thing you “have” to do by a certain age is have kids (if you want them). We struggled for quite sometime and should have started sooner – that’s the only advice you’ll hear from me – and it’s more of a biology thing (and irrelevant if you adopt or have super sperm / eggs).

    In the end you’re a human being. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or gal. Define happiness and then seek it out. Live a rewarding life without regret.

  2. I was the type of person who was a very frustrated individual when I was single. I’m not sure what about it made me so frustrated. It could have been the loneliness, the lack of intimate human interaction (not even sex, just close discussions with someone I care about), or even something else entirely. I have moments where I miss having some level of personal freedom that I had when I was single, however I wouldn’t trade being engaged for that freedom.

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