Put Your Best Foot Forward…

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 5.41.16 PMUGGGGGG I feel so judgmental

But I can’t do…

1. Gross Teeth

2. Boring

3. Ugly Shoes

4. Short

5. Un-motivated

6. Slutty men

And after thinking about these standards I added this to my online dating profile. Might come off a bit harsh but it may ward off people I don’t want to talk to, considering I got 62 messages in four days after Cupid discovered my profile was on private and switched it to public, I needed some way to find a needle in a hay stack.

Soooooo after being on here for like a week please do not message me if

  • If you are looking for one night stands, hook ups, or wanting to talk about such things
  • If you don’t have anything interesting to say…. I do not want to have a conversation that goes like this…. Hii. Hello. How are you. I am good. How are you. Good. What are you up to. Oh you know the usual. Sounds fun. YADA YADA
  • If you don’t have a job (not in any way shape or form looking for a sugar daddy but my work is very important to me and I would like someone else who works hard and shares a passion for self improvement and is career oriented) 
  • If you don’t have a picture on your profile! Not into the whole catfish thing.. want to know who I am talking to!

I am sorry if this sounds in any way conceded, judgmental or mean but I’m just not looking for those types of people….

I felt weird putting please don’t talk to me if you have ugly shoes. I mean that is really a subjective thing to say and the only reason why I have added it to my list is because when looking at someone’s profile my friend goes “Oh that guy is cute” and I responded with “He has ugly shoes!” I feel like if someone is trying to put their best foot forward then they should make sure there feet have something NICE on them. Am I right? I mean if they are posting pictures of them doing something outdoorsy and they have an old pair of ugly tennis on then SURE, understandable, but if you are obviously posing with your sunday best on them make sure your shoes are making steps in the right direction, and making a good first impression. #judgementalbitch #shoelover #hashtaguser



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