The Virgin wanted to “put it in my butt”

0d4d9dc92e157ba764a9d5db5d2a7f66I think this is the first and last time I will have a friends with benefits.  It has taken me a very long time to decide if I wanted to write about this situation. It is quite funny, quite ridiculous, and one of those moments where you try to tell the story to someone else and it is almost so weird that they walk away judging you more then the person the story is about, which has made me hesitant on sharing it. I am not a fan of friends with benefits I have decided. Maybe my first time has tainted my opinion but there is something about a guy asking to put it in your butt that is just not sexy and makes me very hesitant to try this whole friends with benefits again.

So this guy, my friends with benefits man, he is a virgin. This somehow made me comfortable with our random make-out escapades. The first time I made-out with the virgin it was extremely unexpected and I don’t really even know how it began. The second time he instigated it and from then on I had a reliable make out buddy, until it got weird.

Maybe I don’t fully understand what it means to have friends with benefits but if you take it literally your friends with someone and there are extra benefits… but things are a bit different with the virgin… you see there weren ‘t real benefits… so I got to thinking about the friends part of it. We aren’t really friends either. That’s the really odd part about it. We have plenty of mutual friends and hang out, I would say semi often… but during these times of group hang out there is very minimal conversing. He would never really ask to hang out, I would randomly share things about my life with him, text him and he really seemed uninterested unless we were flirting. It was very strange, like a two faced person, two different personalities.  Maybe he is lonely? Except every time we make out randomly he comes up with some excuse as to why I need to leave. Didn’t really care nor did I dwel on it but it is kind strange. I dunno though when I am lonely, I want someone to stay with me not make out and leave….So what is the point of this friends with benefits? I have no idea. We have made out like maybe four times now? Just randomly, like after a party or sometimes he invites me over to hang out.

I was talking to one of my friends about the whole situation and about what she thought of it. She has decided that he wants experience and that I should try and take his innocence. Oh my goodness. What have I gotten myself into? I definitely pondered that idea but that seems so mean!!! TRY AND TAKE HIS INNOCENCE ?? Who am I the devil???

So the next time we were making out things got weird…. he asks me “Can I put it in your butt?” WHAT CAN YOU WHAT? I am trying to stay calm at this moment and not freak out but who asks thats? I mean really? He is a virgin? Does that mean you are still a virgin? I mean in my book you stick it in anything and you are certainly not a virgin any more. I took this moment to take my friends advice and decided to see if he would sleep with me. Without giving you any graphic details I seductively turned down his request and told him I knew something that would be more fun. I was being the cutest I could be but he kept saying no! WHAT I AM SO CONFUSED!! We stopped making out and I started asking him a million questions about why he was waiting. He said he thought that was a gift that he wanted to save for his wife…. BUT YOU WANT TO STICK IT IN MY BUTT? I didn’t ask him that… I didn’t want to seem rude… I don’ t even know if I would have actually had sex with him….  I have barely talked to him since… just the awkward encounter at the grocery store or we politely ignore each other at a party….


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