You Don’t Spell Love you Feel Love

1972536_739049022796372_1000767351_n Sooooooo Mini’s nickname should be changed to Mini the Man Stealer Mouse. It is a little bit more fitting. Now before you think that I am actually upset with her I would like to prefess this story by saying I am not at all mad that she stole my man and if you would like more in depth information about why she is a man stealer I suggest that you read my post  I’m a CrossFit bitch, bitching about men…I think it is pretty hilarious.  Moral of that story is if a man is yours to steel he was never your man. Ladies remember that. That is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned through out my MANY (really not much at all) years of dating. 

I could pretty much rewrite this entire story about the CrossFitter and repost it here. It is literally the same story….

I have crush on CrossFitter.

Mini and I hang out with CrossFitter.

CrossFitter likes Mini.

I am now a CrossFit Bitch, Bitching about men again.

There you go. An entire rant of a story wrapped up in four sentences. But there is a completely different point I would like to make in this post. I would like to go old school on you and make a ven digram about the similarities of the new CrossFitter and myself but before I do that lets give him a new name so we don’t get him confused with the other CrossFitter. We will call him Knight. He is kind of a Knight in the sense that he is very old fashioned , opens doors for ladies, pays for them, and well when he gets really sweaty his muscles look quite nice and I guess you could say that is his shining armor. Get it? Knight in shining armor? I apologize if I am not funny.

So back to my ven diagram. The Knight and I both used to play soccer, both are extremely driven, both have very busy schedules, both have very similar religious backgrounds and ideas about our faith, both LOVE to work out, are both very fit, and my favorite similarity is that we both were at one point in our lives the inside-out-oreo of our friend group. Meaning, we were the one white person that hung out with a bunch of black people. I think it’s kinda hilarious. Now its not like Mini doesn’t have things in common with him but I would definitely say that I have more in common with him and on paper we would be an amazing match.

BUTTTTTT in reality he likes Mini and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and no amount of similarities you might have with someone makes you any more likely to be with that person. You don’t add up reasons why you should be with someone, you don’t tally up similar talents, and you certainly don’t calculate whether or not you should be with someone based on things you have in common. And as Winnie the Pooh says “You don’t spell LOVE you feel LOVE.”



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