Bachelorette Party…. I didn’t win a man but I won the game

5e7d2695e66081e19282a355ec340295This story dates back a very long time but it is a very good one and worth sharing. One of those OMG HAHA THAT IS TOO PERECT, or at least I thought so, but I may be a little biased.

So it is my friends bachelorette party and being the made of honor is part of my duties to make sure everyone has a good time. I created all these games and fun activities that we could play while we were celebrating. One of them was a truth and dare type game with a twist. We had these dare bracelets and each color meant a different thing. The goal was to get rid of all your bracelets by the end of the night. The dares were:

1. Get on Stage

2. Get a guy to buy you a drink

3. Dance with someone older then you

4. Get a stranger to sing you a song

5. Kiss a stranger

So we were at our second bar and all of us girls decided that were were going to get on this tiny little stage so that we could get rid of our “get on stage” bracelet. I then decided to sling shot it into the crowd. The next one we decided to work on was the “get a guy to buy you a drink ” bracelet. There was this super cute guy that I had been eyeing from the moment I walked in. He had strong cheek bones, blue eyes, and great smile. I decided to ask him to dance and then told him he should buy my a drink. My moves were working!! And when I say moves I mean the questions I was asking him he was deciding to do. I don’t have “moves”….He then bought me a drink so I gave him my bracelet. We parted ways but were still eyeing each other from a far. The girls and I got a stranger to sing us a song and got rid of that bracelet.

We moved to the next bar but before we left I gave Blue Eyes my number. He was texting me a bit and said he was going to come find us at the other bar. It was getting near the Brides bedtime aka she was getting tired and decided she wanted to go back to the hotel. Two of the girls joined her and the other three girls stayed at the bar. Blues Eyes popped over to the other bar and I was hanging out and chatting with him and his friend. His friend was SUPER drunk and wasn’t looking so good. Apparently he had the keys to Blue Eyes’ car and decided he wanted to go back and just sit in his big truck. In fear he might drive Blue Eyes and I followed him back to his truck… sure enough he was just sitting in the truck…. so that was good at least. We sat outside the truck on the curb talking for a really long time, he was sweet, charming, and simple. He worked construction and just put a down payment on a house. Seemed like he had his ISH together. And by ISH I mean shit.

He then asks me pointing at his bracelet “So if this bracelet means get a stranger to buy you a drink, then what are the other two you are wearing mean?”

“Well this one is dance with someone older then you……. and since you are older then me I guess you can have it…”

“So what is the last one.”

“This one is….. kiss a stranger.” I said nervously looking into his beautiful blue eye.

“I want that one.” He said as he pulled me in for what felt like the most romantic, sexy, liberating kiss I have ever felt. My entire body had chills. He stopped for a moment and whispered “You look beautiful tonight by the way.” Then we continued kissing.

THEN his friend opens up the truck door, leans out, and starts puking. WAY TO RUIN A MOMENT DUDE!!! Blue Eyes then said he was going to bring his friend home but wanted to see me again.

Did I see him again?????

NO BECAUSE GUYS ARE ASSHOLES. But I was the only one to get rid of the bracelets. AKA I won the game.


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