Got more than a CrossFitter, I got the Coach!

winning-300x300HASHTAG WINNING.

Third times the charm? I guess in this case it is!

So my CrossFit friends and I went to the bars and were dancing up a storm. There was two CrossFit coaches with us and a million other friends of ours. The night was off to a great start filled with tequila shots. I was dancing up a storm and happend to find myself dancing with one of the CrossFit coaches. He was a super fun dancer but I felt like one of the other girls was just staring me down. She was either jealous of my completely awesome dance moves or she deffineitly had a thing for Coach. I left the dance floor feeling a tad awkward and proceeded to grab some water but returned not much later and to the girl who was staring me down making out with the guy she was dancing with… well I guess that solves that problem. Not sure. Oh well. So I danced with coach a bit more. Then stepped out to find my friend and Mini starts telling me how this really shy, really nice girl that we have barely exchanged any words with ever asked Mini if I was with Coach… Mini was like uhhh no this is like a uh just now they started dancing, I have no idea, maybe something, who knows, ya have no idea interaction. She then goes “well I like Coach.” I looked at Mini and was like DAMN IT. Now I just feel awkward. I don’t want drama, I don’t want to be a man steeler, I don’t want to make enemies before I even have friends. I feel like I’m still making friends at the gym and I really don’t want to piss anyone off. GURRRRR. Eventually I returned to the dance floor but tried not dancing with him…. didn’t really work so I left…. and followed me like a little puppy haha it was cute. He was asking me whey I left and I said exagerating a bit..


Ok. I don’t think I said I don’t like you but it would have added to the moment and I am pretty sure that ran through my head when I was on my dramatic rant. He then said “well I don’t like that girl, and the other girl (the one making out with the guy) she only likes black guys.” That doesn’t make sense? She was making out with a white guy…. Maybe she had too much tequila.

Another random moment that I have to add to this story that I think is hilarious but has nothing to do with anything is when Mini and I were standing and talking about Coach and the drama this sketch male comes up and goes “You ladies look beautiful, are you together?” We are at a semi gay bar… it isn’t a true gay bar though, plenty of straight people go and everyone in town knows that it is the best dancing bar. BUT at the exact same time, perfectly insync she says no and I say yes. I didn’t really want to talk to the guy so why not just tell him we were together. I thought it was funny and so did Mini. Then I pretended to be super pissed at her because apparently we weren’t on the same page… we needed to DTR (determine the relationship).

Ok end of random story back to the real one.  I found myself back on the dance floor with Coach and felt much more confortabile now that the other girls had left. I was free to dance slutty and not feel like I was pissing anyone off. Coach spins me around and now we are dancing face to face… and he says “I think you’re sexy as fuck.”

And I responded with “Awwww Coach I think your Drunk as Fuck.” Did I mention Coach is only 21? YUP robbing the cradle. OH WELL. I’m 24 for the record so it isn’t that bad, but still…. he then starts telling me that he has always thought that and I should ask so in so and blah blah blah, two people I don’t know and probably couldn’t remember their names to save my life. At this point we are arguing about if I am sexy or not, which I would say is an extremely funny argument to have. He was being really cute and sweet but adding vulgar language in there to make sure he still soundeMurph-WOD_thumbd like a man. Our arguing went from a dispute about me being sexy to one about if I was going to kiss him or not. My argument was I was certainly not going to kiss him in public and on the dance floor right in front of everyone….. BUT thats exactly what I ended up doing.

How did the night end? Well he asked for me to come home with him… and I was on my period… and I don’t really like going home with boys… so Mini dropped him off at his house and I went back to mine.

The next day… we all did a CrossFit workout hung over…. it was Murph… and terrible. Now I’m a CrossFit Bitch not bitching about men, but bitching about Murph.



2 thoughts on “Got more than a CrossFitter, I got the Coach!

  1. Way to not go home with him! Be with a guy on your terms… make him wait, if he really likes he will stick around… if you are a hit and quit it girl – he will peace out on you. One of my top criteria for dating is RESPECT – RESPECT MYSELF…;o)

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