Batman’s a Bad Kisser

495fe15279f5eda2ae14cb29dac2a2bcSo I have this friend, we have been friends for a really really long time. We will call him Batman. People have asked me several times why we aren’t together, why we have never tried dating, or if I find him attractive…. my answer? Yes he is a very attractive guy and I really don’t know why we have never dated. I think we both have just never thought about it.  I am really not sure. I think in the grand scheme of things we are very different people and that is possibly why we never have? I still am really not sure. We have a lot in common and we work together. We have always kept our friendship very professional and never crossed any friendship boundaries. We were hanging out the other night…. it was me and a bunch of guys, which is usually how it is when I hang out with him and his friends. We were sitting there chatting about sports and the night was coming to an end and we all got in our cars to head home. On my way home I get this text from Batman saying “I think you turned the wrong way”

“Batman are you inviting me over?” I responded.


“You might have to be more clear then that….” I said picking fun at him a little bit.

“I am inviting you over for a sleeper over if you want to join me.” Batman said….WHAT? Not only is this completely random but is VERY bold of him. He is not a bold person and this is not only unlike the relationship we have but it is very unlike his character. I toyed with him for a little bit and at this point we were kinda flirting. I still thought this was very odd but i was very curious and kind of wanted to see what would happen…. so I decided to go over there. When I got there I tiptoed down stairs because I didn’t want his roommate to hear me…. but when I hang out at his house I never go down stairs sooooo I got a bit confused and walked straight into his roommate’s room. The second I realized this I slammed the door shut and ran into Batman’s room. SOOOO EMBARRASSING. I can’t believe that I did that. I rehashed all my embarrassment with Batman and he was laughing at me hysterically and then literally DOVE into making out with me. I was completely caught off guard but decided to go with it…. well I tried to go with it…. it was weird… I couldn’t. Not only was I completely weirded out by how this began, it was completely random, and……. for probably the biggest reason why I couldn’t…. BATMANS A BAD KISSER. Oh my goodness…. I was trying to make it work, trying be all sexy and shit but I couldn’t get into it. You know when your kissing someone and they don’t go with the flow they just take over and do there own thing? Well that what was happening in this senario. I will give him the benefit of the doubt…. he was a little drunk…. to his state of mind was probably not as focused…. and….. I have big lips… they can be a little intimidating. Maybe he thought he had to attack them?

I politely told him that this was weird and we were too good of friends and I couldn’t. He sounded slightly disappointed and I felt bad but I can’t fake it sorry!

On my way out I was walking up the stairs and stumbled a bit and knocked over this plant thing they had in the hallway… the decorative sticks when everywhere…. THATS EMBARRASSING  Note to self don’t knock over the decorative plant when you decided not to make out with your best friend.

Disclaimer… Batman if you read this I apologize if any of it hurts your feelings that is not my intention. Most of me blogging is to myself feel better about myself. You weren’t that great of a kisser but that doesn’t mean you are a bad kisser. I just think that our lips aren’t compatible. And I know you know about my blog. Maybe you are just trying to make it in here and if that is the case. Congratulations you made it, you are now famous.


12 thoughts on “Batman’s a Bad Kisser

  1. HA HA HA…. I have been there… My ex-husband was a bad kisser and I swore I would NEVER continue a relationship if they guy was a bad kisser. It makes a difference…. you have to feel that passion, that connection… you know the FIREWORKS…..

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