No Jason I will not talk dirty to you….

jason-derulo-talk-dirty-coverTell me why someone thinks it ok to just talk dirty to a total stranger? Yes you are cute in a picture. Yes I swiped right on tinder because I thought your picture was cute…. and you did as well. But really! Your first gut is to talk dirty to me? No Jason, I will not talk dirty to you and I certainly will not get jazzy on it. Call me old fashion but I think I would like to say more then two words to someone before I talk dirty to you and especially get jazzy on it… and this makes me prude?? What if we meet in person and there is absolutely no chemistry? What if I’m cat-fishing you? What if you are cat-fishing me? I mean that would make the whole talking dirty to you even more gross. I just don’t get the whole talk dirty to someone when you haven’t even met them in person. It makes no sense to me. Maybe they never intend to meet the person? Maybe people just like to talk dirty to people? Is that a thing? I thought dirty talking is supposed to lead to something… maybe I am wrong?

Anyways… here is my latest tinder interaction… and Diego your not even as sexy as Jason and I wouldn’t talk dirty to him either… so what makes you think that I would talk dirty to you…

photo 1


My response to him was classy…. didn’t feel like screen shotting a whole other one just for one word.


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