Modern Elementary School Dating… I think we are in love…


You know back in elementary school when you would say a guy was cute and then he would say hi to you and that pretty much meant you were going to fall in love and live happily ever after? Or when you hold hands with him and all of a sudden you are considered “experienced”. Then you grow up hoping all of this changes…. but it really doesn’t….well this is one of those times that literally makes you feel like you are in elementary school.

So any of you who follow my blog know that I like to CrossFit. It keeps me fit and I really like showing up and not having to think. I like to not be able to talk myself out of a workout because you have someone telling you exactly what to do.

It’s like a random thursday night and a bunch of people from our gym decided to go out for Sushi. Pretty much knew everyone there except this one guy… and he was pretty cute and I had never seen him before! I mentioned it to my friend and she said she would find out the scoop. I had no idea if he was taken… or even how old he was… what if he was 17… or 18… well then he would be legal I suppose.

So gets back to me and says that he is single and that one of the CrossFit coaches was actually excited when he found out about this little thought of mine. Match maker? Oh man I have enough of those in my life. Kind of just want this one to play out naturally but here we go….

A couple of days later I show up to CrossFit and one of the CrossFit Coach comes over and says lets talk. GAHHH I panicked. It was one of those moments where I was like really right now? You caught me off guard? Don’t really know what else to tell you? I know NOTHING ABOUT HIM. Literally just said he was cute. I denied his request and told him I needed to go work out.

About three days after this I walk into the gym and my friend goes the cuties here… and I was like oh my goodness this is getting awkward. Then another one of the guys says hey, he’s in the other room… So would you like me to go ask him out on a date? Or is the moment wehre I walk up and lay a big FAT one on him? Everyone loves a romantic right? CREEPY. This is just getting weird. I hate when everyone puts this weird expectation on something that doesn’t even exist. Yes I think he is cute… I think the CrossFit coach is cute but he’s practically married nor would I ever go there? Get my point? THERE ARE TONS OF CUTE PEOPLE. Luke Brian is cute… we might get married but I’m not sure he is quite interested in me.

Anyways… then I go on a warm up run with this girl and she asks about him and I…. REALLY are we dating? Did we fall madly in love in some alternate universe that everyone else is living in that I apparently wasn’t invited to be in… and at the same time I have NO idea what other people are telling him… which means he probably thinks I’m nuts.

I then decide to invite him out with us that night… thinking this could either solidify that we are in fact dating in this alternate universe or at least show him that I am not a weirdo… well not a weirdo in the sense that I’m strangely obsessed with him… he was busy…. or just thinks I’m a weirdo…

Then I saw him on tinder… and of course swiped right… and APPARENTLY I’m the biggest creep ever now because we didn’t match. Now I literally have an awkward cloud hovering above me and it dumps awkward rain when ever he is around. AND I DIDN’T EVEN PUT IT THERE THIS TIME, EVERYONE ELSE DID.

Is it bad that I REALLY want to send him this post? I’ve done it with other people. He might find it funny or he might find it even MORE creepy and then I will have myself caught in an awkward storm. OH THE THUNDER AND LIGHTING.


5 thoughts on “Modern Elementary School Dating… I think we are in love…

  1. Omg I hate it when everyone else decides you should like someone and then you feel obliged to. I ended up dating someone a friend said I should like. Turned out I didn’t like him that much.
    Please give updates on this though! Also I would love to do CrossFit but I have really weak knees (childhood injuries etc).

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