I write this blog for me.

Interesting how the more people who start to follow your blog the more haters you get. Sometimes I love criticism because it fuels my fire and sometimes I get bogged down by it. This is one the those days where I am not too keene on what some people have to say.

Feminist have called me out for wanting a man, conservatives for being so bold, some have called me crazy for my tactics, slutty for the amount of men I write about, prude for not sleeping with them, innocent for looking for the best in people, and cynical for assuming the worst in people. I am probably all of these things. But we are all, all these things. There is always someone more crazy then you, more prude then you, less wild then you…. my point? We are a society of differences and instead of criticizing each other recognize differences and appreciate them, enjoy them, celebrate them, and learn from them. I just choose to write my experiences mine down, examine mine, but I don’t write this blog for you….

I write this blog for me.


Yes sometimes I do things to get a reaction out of people. I do this not to be mean to people but to test peoples limits and show peoples true colors. Do I regret doing this sometimes. Yes I do actually. So this is an apology to the people who I might have offended by this blog but I don’t regret writing it. I write to learn. About myself, the world, and the people in it. Sometimes I write for entertainment. Sometimes I write because it’s the only way I can sort through my emotions.

But this blog is me. All the flaws and my journey in life. My highs. My lows. And my attempt to laugh through all of it. I don’t expect you to understand my decisions but they aren’t yours they are mine. But writing about every emotion and every part of my life takes a certain aspect of vulnerability, which is why I like it. Being vulnerable is part of being human, part of life and something I am not good at. I would rather attempt to control situations and what people think of me instead of just being me and not caring what others think. I think most people would. So I blog in attempt to stay true to myself, be vulnerable to the world, and learn from my own life through writing it.




19 thoughts on “I write this blog for me.

  1. Um … it’s a dating blog. You’re going to talk about relationships and dating. If someone doesn’t like that… it’s like someone buying a cooking magazine and then being mad because it’s full of articles about food and cooking instead of race cars. Move on, haters….

  2. You can’t please everyone. If its possible, I think that concept is even more relevant when it comes to blogging. There will always be people criticising what you write, how you write, when you write. It’s true what you said: the more followers you get, the more haters you get. It’s all a part of being ‘internet famous’ and there’s nothing you can do about it except delete the rude comments. I haven’t seen anything that has offended me, so screw everyone else (metaphorically) and just do you 🙂

  3. I am new to your blog! I found you on reddit and I am excited to start reading.

    Congrats on remembering why you blog, for you! I forget sometimes and have to step back also and remember, I blog for ME!

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