Is Facebook Becoming the New Tinder?

A93E2D14I get random requests all the time on Facebook and I usually accept them. Creepy? I don’t know. Most of the time I think to myself… “You probably met them at some point and should probably accept them because what if they are the next president. Then the future president sees you at a conference and is like “hey you, you never accepted my friend request,” and I’m like “I forgot I met you.” So just accept everyone and you can always delete them later if they end up creepy.” And grammar Nazi’s feel free to bash my quotations inside quotations there but for those of you who don’t know me, I do what I want, including having my own grammar rules. But that was me talking to myself and having a conversation with the future president that I didn’t accept his friend request.

Usually the random people who add me never talk to me though. So really I’m not entirely sure why they add me in the first place. But lately… ALL OF THEM WANT TO CHAT. It’s literally like they see that I’m single or something and are strolling through facebook just to find single girls… but I thought that’s what tinder was for….


So rando #1 add’s me on facebook and messages me saying “can I have your number.” And I’m like “Why do you want my number… I don’t know you.” SHIT I just told the future president that I don’t know him when maybe I met him at some point but no this guy was really a random dude and I really did not know him. So Rando #1 replies “So I can get to know you. I thought we could hang out or something.” Ummmm no Mr. President. You don’t just add a girl on facebook and expect her to hand over her number and just go and hang out with you…..

Too add to this story. I have moved. I no longer live in the place where I once lived. In fact I live about 3,000 miles from where I once live and from where Rando #1 lives. I felt bad and used that as my excuse and told him “well I don’t live there anymore so I don’t think we could hang out.”

Tell me this big long sob story about how he has been single for over a year and keeps asking girls out and nothing is working. Well this goes out to all the guys who are a little quirky, a little weird, and a little awkward. This is what I told him, the complete stranger who is slightly creepy for messaging me and flat out asking for my number…. if I guy walked up to me in a bar and asked for my number, I would say no. If I guy on the street asked for my number, I would say no. If I guy I had a class with walked up and asked for my number, I would say no. IFFFFFF a guy on tinder asked for my number, I would say no.

Here is why….

Get to know me, make me laugh, and more importantly let me get to know you!!! Coming on too strong is creepy and slightly desperate. I know that guys who put themselves out there get hurt a lot and it is hard to be vulnerable. You are talking to a girl who has no shame in her game and won’t wait for a man to approach her but you have to have to let the conversation build. You have to lay grounds for a friendship in a sense. If you go straight in after her number, a kiss, or other non-sense IT WILL NOT WORK!

This brings me to Rando guy #2, he messages me on Facebook and is quite charming. He compliments me but goes in looking for a friendship saying “Hi Cheesy Legs, thanks for the add! Went against the social norm and tried Facebook. You’re cute and it said you’re single so I figured I’d give it a shot. You want to grab some food around (my old city) sometime?” This to me sounded much more casual but I again responded with “I’m flattered but I just moved about 3,000 miles away.” And he replies saying “wow.. crazy. it just goes to show that there’s absolutely zero young professionals in this town, haha. Thanks for getting back to me… I hope you’re getting settled in well. I see where you’re at now.. I have a few friends from around there if you want I can introduce you.” What a sweet heart! I declined his offer though. I mean meeting people through a person you never met… again creepy. He agreed but we got to talking about a lot of random things, we actually have a lot in common, which is a bummer considered I just moved…. And if he does becomes president then at least we carried on a great conversation for about 20 minutes.

And that’s when Rando guy #3 messages me…. not too much after I updated my new location on Facebook. All he said was hi and asked where one of my pictures was taken… I didn’t respond. It was a cute lead in I guess. Casual…. but again I don’t know you Mr. President! The weird part about this is I JUST updated my Facebook profile to where I live and Rando #3 lives in my new home. It’s like these guys are shopping for women on Facebook and I don’t know how I feel about it.

P.S. I had no mutual friends with any of these guys…


6 thoughts on “Is Facebook Becoming the New Tinder?

  1. I feel you!! I keep getting rando fb friend requests and it’s as though these guys have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to social media. Half the things they say through facebook messages are probably things they’ve never said to a woman in real life! Cracks me up.

  2. It’s crazy and I completely agree with you. Lately, it has been happening way more than the usual! I normally don’t accept them because I can’t be bothered. I accepted a random person today because he had a friend in common. Then he started messaging me and being completely random. I simply blocked him. Oh well! 🙂

    • It’s like the taboo of meeting strangers online has been lifted…. I literally get like one random request a day. Which makes me wonder if I my anonymous blog is not so anonymous for some reason…

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