Is Facebook Becoming the New Tinder? Part 2

Now if you haven’t read my Is Facebook Becoming the New Tinder Part 1, I would highly not recommend it because I am pretty much saying the same thing in this post only with different men and different situations…. which I guess that means a different story otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a whole new blog post just to tell you about it. But basically I don’t get why guys think it is socially acceptable to just message us on Facebook and saying something to a complete stranger. Now you might be thinking why not? He’s just being nice. No folks this is not ok. If I meet you in person then I can decide if I want to talk to you, if I meet swipe you on tinder I can decide if I want to talk to you, if you message me on Facebook this puts me in a very awkward position of you being able to see that I have seen your message and I either just won’t reply or I say something dumb.

Rando Facebook guy messages me and goes “hey I saw you on tinder and you seemed cool.” Well if I didn’t swipe you on Tinder then why did you hunt me down on Facebook? Oh lets add more to this story… then he finds me on instagram and comments on a picture of me snowboarding. And then messages me AGAIN to ask if I would go with him sometime. YOU DON”T KNOW ME WHY WOULD I GO SNOW BOARDING WITH YOU… and if you did know me you would know that I have only been once and I’m not very good.

Rando guy numero dos messages me on Facebook and says “your hot as fuck.” REALLY. That’s what you have to say? I responded to this one. And politely said, which I am sure came off as not so politely…. “I don’t live anywhere near you so why did you message me? Opening up with a comment like that doesn’t exactly suggest that you want to chat.”

So dear all the men out there who just add random women on Facebook, this is not socially acceptable. We don’t like it. We find it creepy. Now if you actually met a girl and you tracked her down to add her so that you could see her again…. now this is quite cute and I applaud your persistence. But read social queues! If she doesn’t want to talk to you don’t bother her!


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