The Most Innovative Ways to Use Tinder: For a Resume and Sex Trafficking Awareness

Tinder is literally changing the way we do things. First it was the dating scene and now a few select creative minds have decided to use it in a different way.

James Shamsi has taking networking to a whole new level. After moving to a new city and not knowing anyone and wanting a job he created a unique way of getting his name out there. He has taken Tinder, the dating app, and used it to put his name out there to potential employers.



This may be the right way to go about things as long as they didn’t swipe left.

This particular usage for Tinder I found to be especially fascinating. Social media has already altered how we advertise in this world but taking advertising to Tinder? Who would have thought of that? Eight-Twenty did. Located in Dublin Ireland, this agency created a Sex Trafficking awareness champaign and specifically for Tinder.




This campaign was launched on behalf of Immigrant Council of Ireland to bring awareness to the 2.4 million sex trafficking victims. The goal of this campaign was to reach people who may not be exposed to other forms of media.

Talk about great uses for this odd-ball-orange-flamed-app. I have pondered another usage for it…. readers should tell me if this is completely crazy….

My roommates, not great but I barely know anyone in the city I live in. Craigslist is quite an interesting place to find a roommate so why not try Tinder?! I just set my sex to a guy, then I show up to girls only, put a little information about myself, and say I’m just looking for a roommate. Do you think it would work? Or do you think people would just think I am crazy?



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