The End of Dear Cute Guy at the Coffee Shop

I sincerely wish I had another letter to write or another story to tell. But there is a harsh reality that I am about to tell and this story doesn’t end with me falling madly in love with the Cute Guy at the Coffee and then getting married in said coffee shop and having adorable little coffee shop babies that run around delivering coffee to all of our customers. Yes, sadly, that will never happen.

You see, I had this brilliant idea. I really wanted to do a cute little photo shoot and take pictures for these blog posts. My brilliant idea also incorporated a very awkward idea of asking the ACTUAL Cute Guy at the Coffee Shop to star in the photos. Then I would awkwardly explain to him that I have been creepily admiring him from a far. Of course, I would do this in the least creepy way possibly and tell him that my wild sense of imagination contributed more to my letter to him then my actual lust for coffee babies did. In my mind he would laugh, find me slightly weird and very charming, and make us both a cup of Joe to enjoy while we actually got to know each other.

It was a brilliant idea. So I looked him up on Facebook.

Gone. He was nowhere to be found. He must have deleted it. Or deleted me. Or blocked me because he read my blog.

My coffee love-story has sadly come to an end.


Broken Heart at the Coffee Shop



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