Note to Self… Don’t Cry and your Boyfriend’s Ex-Girl Friends Wedding

The funny thing about life is that sometimes it gets in the way of your blogging because you find yourself in a very nice and very normal relationship and have nothing to bring to your readers. If I even have any… Then everything about your normal relationship ends, probably because you decided to act a fool at your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding. And not the good kind of act a fool but one that is just straight ludicrous.

Back Story: Boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, girl dates guy for a while, guy and girl go on awesome road-trip in California, guy moves to California, guy breaks up with girl, girl goes to Italy, guy decides he made a mistake, girl takes guy back, girl and guy haven’t seen each other since he moved, guy visits and brings girl to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. P.s. I’m the girl and the guy… well we will call him Daddy Long Legs. You with me? 

And now you are caught up. So Daddy Long Legs comes to visit but it didn’t exactly go how I thought it would in my head. In my mind he would fly from across the country and be so excited to see me that we would stay up all night talking about our hopes, dreams, and make up for lost time… not that we really lost that much time. But when you agree to go to your boyfriends ex-girlfriends wedding you might want to make sure all your emotions are in check so that you don’t end up crying on the dance floor in the middle of a Ludicrous song. Why was I crying? Probably, because I knew from this moment on that Daddy Long Legs and I were going to break up. Did I know this at the moment?… well no.

The wedding started out with me asking Daddy Long Legs what I should wear. Was it formal? Casual? I wasn’t really sure. He insisted that I wear whatever I wanted. I had just bought this new floral romper. It was long sleeved with an open back. Rather short but still kind of dressy. I almost wore it but opted for the floral dress from Target instead. It was the safe option but super cute. When we arrived at the ceremony. It was very catholic. Like VERY catholic. I was completely lost. We kept standing up and sitting down. Saying prayers and then standing up again. From the start I was uncomfortable. I had no clue what I was doing. I was also sitting right between Daddy Long Legs and a girl that I swear he had feelings for. This girl was beautiful. Nice. Sweet. Athletic. The whole package. I will call her Ariel. I have no idea if she can sing but knowing my luck, I bet you she is the next Beyonce or something. Daddy Long Legs had told me before jokingly that this is the girl that he promised to marry if they both were single when they were 30. They obviously had chemistry and I was sitting right between it.

We proceeded to go to happy hour. Everyone was drinking. There was one moment where Daddy Long Legs asked if I wanted a drink and I replied no. I still hadn’t finished my first. By the time I had finished it he was still in the drink line and I proceed to walk toward him. He had just ordered two drinks and I reached out to take one. He said “oh sorry, this one is for Ariel.” I wasn’t mad that he was getting her a drink. I was mad because of the look of shame that swept over his face. The fact that he felt so guilty that he was getting her a drink made my heart sink deeper into my stomach.

The reception probably had total of 12 chandeliers and here I was standing in a dress I bought off the clearance rack in target. My level of uncomfort was at a maximum all time high as I sat at the table and watched Daddy Long Legs dance with Ariel. It was innocent but it made an already uncomfortable situation worse. I wanted to leave but I literally didn’t even know what city I was in. There is like  2 million east coast cities and you can drive 10 minutes and be in the next town. I knew we were like 15 minutes from the hotel, which I didn’t know the name of, and at a really freakin nice country club, that I didn’t know the name of.

Did I mention the bride was Daddy Long Legs Ex? I had just watched the girl that Daddy Long Legs lost his virginity to walk down the isle, say her vows, and have her first dance as a married women. And then continued to watch as Daddy Long Legs would rather spend time with Ariel than me. All while a seven course meal be presented in front of me, plate after plate each one fancier then the next. Who the hell can eat seven courses right after a cocktail hour. I don’t really blame Daddy Long Legs but the reality of the situation was that I wasn’t the person for him. I didn’t have his heart or his emotions. They belonged to someone else. Maybe that was Ariel, maybe he secretly longed for his first love. Or maybe this girl didn’t exist yet.  Daddy Long Legs out drank everyone that night and proceeded to spend most of the night with Ariel… leaving me at the table, alone in my clearance target dress, with a 7 course meal I didn’t even want to eat.

We lasted all but another two weeks and then broke up for the final time.

Moral of the story is sometimes you know when someone isn’t right for you. You will stress about the relationship. Get in fights with them about what they are or aren’t doing. Be jealous of other women, past or current. But deep down inside you’re crying not because you are mad or frustrated at that person but because you are mad at yourself for not letting go of someone who isn’t right for you. Sometimes in this world we hope people will change, but in reality they aren’t who you hoped they would be and you can’t blame them for that. You have to just let them go. But in that process I would suggest not crying on the dance floor in the middle of their ex-girlfriends wedding. It is a little embarrassing.


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