A La La La La Long

“Right on time,” he said as I walked in 20 minutes late to class. He, of course, is another coach — a CrossFit coach… charming smile, and, for some reason, he thinks I’m hilarious.

I’m warming up as he is giving instructions on rope climbs. The workout starts with rowing and I had some special requests for the music — Beyonce. He begins scrolling through his phone and playing music. First Bae. Then Bob Marley.

“I’ve been watching you….” says Marley. The reply is in my head –  “I’ve been watching you too, Bobby, and you have a girlfriend.”

“Standing across the room…I saw you smile,” Marley insists. Yup, I come to CrossFit as many days as I can. Usually two or three times a week. It’s usually the best part of my day. I usually come to CrossFit smiling.

Said I wanna talk to you for a little while.” The song continues the story between me and the CrossFit trainer, Bobby… There was this one time that I walked into class and you were with your girlfriend. As soon as she left, you walked immediately over to me to talk to me for awhile.

But before I make my move…” You won’t, so that’s cool.

“My emotions start running wild…” Now I’m making things up in my head… let’s be honest, this entire ballad is probably made up and you didn’t even choose this song. It probably came on randomly, it’s a great song.

“My tongue gets tied

And that’s no lie” …my own tongue is starting to twist… because now I’m singing stories in my head…

“I’m looking in your eyes…

I’m looking in your big brown eyes” Yep. You do, every day I drag my ass to the gym.

You want to make me sweat? Well, that’s happening right now as I do 60 calorie row, 50 burpees, 40 pull ups, 30 kettle-bell swings, 20 handstand push ups, and 10 rope climbs.
So, dear Bobby… did I make this all up in my head or did you choose this song on purpose?


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