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Keeping my heels high and my standards higher.


You might have noticed there is a bit of a pattern with my blog. I don’t show my face. Only legs. Hence my nickname is Legs. But we are going to add a bit to this nickname. My new and improved nickname is Cheesy Legs. My first word was cheese and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese. Besides being completely infatuated with the food I am also a bit goofy or “cheesy” you might say… hence the nickname Cheesy Legs. But enough about my legs here’s a little bit about me….                                                                                                  

I’m that girl that isn’t ashamed to be who she wants to be, but am sometimes embarrassed by the things that I do, not because I am ashamed to be me, but because it sometimes puts others in an awkward situation. They don’t know how to react. If I had to explain myself I am a cross between Carrie from “Sex in the City” and Jess from “New Girl.” Carrie, well because I love fashion and have too many funny stories about guys that I have dated. But, I could only dream of owning as many shoes as she has and I am not one to go around and sleep with as many men as she has. I am more the kind of girl that has the occasional make-out session that turns into a bad date and then a funny story. I’m also the girl who gets herself into these awkward bad dates because I sometimes go out of my way to make something happen. I talk to strangers, sign up for too many online dating sites, never say no to a date, and would consider myself pretty open minded.

Here’s where you might compare me to Jess from “New Girl.” Not only did I live with two guys when I first broke up with my boyfriend of five years (which also happened to Jess), but my roommates also did or threatened to do incredibly stupid/funny things. For example, I came home one day to a freshly sharpened ax whose new home was our coffee table so that we could be prepared for the Zombie apocalypse. My roomies also threatened to sit naked on the stairs to “test” any guy I decided to date; thank goodness this never actually happened. They also hid a plastic octopus in my room just to see how long it would take me to find it, and it lived in my sock drawer for a couple of weeks. And when I moved out… I found a bacon air freshener in my closet. Who knows how long that has been there.


This is actually my second blog with the same theme. You’re probably asking yourself what happened to the original and why I am making another one.  Well, the original blog was created as a coping mechanism when I was dealing with all the drama from breaking up with my ex-boyfriend. That blog became me blogging about guys I had crushes on, had encounters with, or a blog to just tell funny stories. It was more of a hit than I expected and I decided having my full name in the URL of the blog was an awful idea.  I then pulled it from the web and kept writing everything in a Word document. THEN the worst thing that could possibly happen to any writer happened: I lost all 23 pages of my stories. Poof. Gone. My computer crashed and every encounter, crush, and blog entry was gone. This was probably a good thing considering I started dating one of the guys I was blogging about.

BUT now I’m single again and still awkward, which means I have many more stories to tell. Here is a place to read about all my encounters, crushes, and disastrous dates. Some will be attempts to retell the original stories and some will be told for the first time here. Sometimes I tell the stories days after they happen and sometimes years.

Make sure you check out my Story from the Beginning… this is the story about my ex Dumb Dumb and it has kind of shaped the sarcasm behind all my stories. There are many good things that come out of terrible relationships though, my love for writing is just one of them.


I would appreciate if you would not judge me by my grammar or spelling errors, but by the content of my stories. I have a dream that one day I could possibly be a good writer and I have accepted the fact that I will never be a good speller. I have a dream that one day people will read my blog and people will actually point out my errors. I also have a dream that one day men and women become more honest and there will be no such thing as a cheater. People will just be single if they are unsure about a specific person. I have a dream that one day I will meet the man of my dreams and he will be nothing like the crazy men the I blog about.  I may spend my life dreaming . . . but it’s better to be hopeful than cynical.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “I would appreciate if you would not judge me by my grammatical spelling errors but by the content of my stories.”
    People should never judge you – neither for spelling mistakes nor for the content you upload. After all, your readers don’t know who you are in real life. Thus, never have they ever the right to judge you. 🙂

    • Mostly just making fun of myself! I have always been into writing and blogging but slightly intimidated by my lack of ability to catch my own errors. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. cool blog and beautiful legs that’s 4 sure 🙂 …keep being your honest self and you will find the man of your dreams who will truly appreciate your legs and everything else about you. I’ll most definitely stay tuned…ciao christian

  3. I’m not going to judge you — my whole blog is about letting go of judgment. I do have reactions, though, and my reaction is that I’m really glad you’re following me and now I’m following you, too.

  4. So excited to have stumbled across your blog! I started mine for the same reason you started your first. Looking forward to reading!! Also share your obsession with cheese so had to follow, lol.

    • FUN!! Maybe we are living the same life in two parallel universes. Maybe you are my secret dopple ganger (spelling?) everyone has a twin on earth right? And I bet God likes to play us like chess pieces sometimes and give us the same story and see how we take it differently. Excuse my wild imagination. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to reading your stories as well 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thanks, However I am experiencing difficulties with your RSS. I dont understand the reason why I can’t subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting the same RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

    • Oh no! I am sorry you are having troubles? Maybe try again? Sorry your comment got stuck in my spam for some reason. I barely know about what an RSS feed thing is. It is on my list to research and figure out though 🙂 if I figure anything out I will let you know.

  6. Oh my goodness, you are too funny! I can completely relate. I had my own “Dumb Dumb” after almost 5 1/2 years, plus I am also very awkward, but boy do I love it! Here’s to the single life! Should be fun!

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